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Re: Time for Harley to invest in the next generation

Allright, I have to jump in on that one. I own a '78 wing and it's impossible to find parts for it at a junkyard. That is because, in the very, very rare occasion a junk yard gets their hands on one, it is picked over immediatly because there are so many old wings still on the road, getting incredible amounts of cheap (but not cool, some of us don't care about that) mileage put on them.

The reason there are so many old japenese bikes in the junkyard is because they are not worth anything. The reason they are not worth anything is supply and demand. Huge supply, low demand. Demand is ruled by marketing. Harley rules the roost when it comes to marketing. It's not quality that keeps bikes out of the junkyards, it's their worth, and everytime I see a '82 elecroglide in the paper for $11000, I know price has nothing to do with quality.

I bought my '78 wing in the fall of '00 with 69,000 miles on it for $950 dollars. I put about $500 into it (tires, brakes, dyna ignition, K&N, etc) and rode it from MN to Alaska and back. Through Arizona. I ran into hundreds of motorcyclists along the way, but not a single 1978 HD. Funny how that works, huh?

If you put two doors on a HD, what would you call it? Anyone?
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