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Harley V-Rod vs. Victory Kingpin

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Re: Documentary? LOL

Ha ha! He got you again.
Re: Thanks

Notice that he thinks that putting democrats in office will end political corruption.

Tee hee hee.
Re: Documentary? LOL

Just wait until he finds out that you are the west coast distributor for radar jammers.
I'm surprised that you didn't simply pull out the duct tape and baling wire that any real Harley owner carries at all times and rig up a hanger for the Vrod's key.

Anyhow, pretty clever of Ebass to think of this comparo and also good persistence in convincing King Sean and the distributors to go along with it.

However we all know that it really was all a smoke screen thought up simply to ***** more time on the VRod. Kudos for a successful operation. If he'd run Iran/Contra they'd have never been caught.

Next is for Ebass to convince them that he needs a VRod for a year's longterm test. You know, to check out its reliability. All in the interest of science. It'd be tough but somebody's gotta do it.
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Re: Documentary? Big Deal

The ends justify the means, eh?

You have just admitted being a lying propagandist. Since a republic or a democracy can only operate successfully if the people have accurate information, people like you who deal in propaganda lies are a worse enemy to our republic than any Osama or Hussein. Your willingness to use lies to achieve political aims demonstrates your arrogant fascist belief that people are too stupid to be trusted with the vote. This is why your whining about Bush "stealing the election" (another lie) is so self-contradictory.

Why don't you move to France? You'd fit right in. They like quisling Americans there. You can be one of these trained dog expatriates who hang around foreign nations, earning your keep by barking how much you hate America in exchange for table craps.

Back to ignore mode.
Re: There was a reason?

I was just practising my skills for insulting a dipshyt. Kook is the best candidate for this I've ever known. Notice how the "King of Misrepresenting What Others Say" gets so tweaked when someone does it to him.

So far my record is 7 repsonses of his for one tweak of mine. Someday I'll top that record.
Re: Actually compared to

With the 4 more years Bush will have in office there'll be plenty of time for more of these quisling hit pieces from lying crapbrains like Moore.

Jeez. I don't even like Bush. But this insane demonizing carried out by the likes of KQuislingKook are just too much.
Re: Actually compared to

Edwards is an excellent choice. He will stop al-Qaeda by suing them! That'll really tie them in knots!
What are you? Twelve years old? Have you ever even owned a motorcycle?
Well, at least when the republicans sell out the nation somebody makes a buck.

The democrats do it just for fun.
Re: Bike Sales - Rant?

The SV1000S with the fairing lower is one sweet package. And it is a sportbike. What the heck else vcould you call it?
Isn't it a hoot when you see the hollywood gang whine about evil capitalists? Is there any industry in America that treats their clients worse than the music industry? Is there any industry more grasping? Heck, some recording company even resurrected the copyright to "Happy Birthday" even though the author died like 100 years ago. That's why they can't sing it in restaraunts or in the movies. They'd have to pay a royalty.

Myself (being a libertarian) I refuse any "help" from the left-wingers and their stupid social programs. Look what they have done to black America. 200 years of slavery and 100 years of Jim Crow/KKK politics couldn't destroy the black family. Heck, in 1950 the black neighborhoods of America had the lowest rate of divorce or single parent families in the US. Two short decades of Govt Welfare "help" had completely destroyed their culture. They used to create the best music you could find. Had the greatest vocalists. Now the've got rap. How sad.

Libs, please don't help me. I'm having a hard enough time as it is.
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I agree with you about F--- Bush, Cheney and republicans. But I feel the same way about the

democrats. On the other hand the least important thing about someone is their political opinions. It is quite possible for two well intended people to look at exactly the same data and come up with completely different conclusions and proposals, you know. When there's a flood everyone shows up to help, regardless of their political affiliation. For the electorate to be at each other's throats only benefits the power merchants. And they control both major parties.

You need a vacation. You ought to come up to Utah and do some rides around the mountains. Try going a couple of weeks without listening to any news or political crap. It'd do wonders for you.. or anyone, really.

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