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Harley V-Rod vs. Victory Kingpin

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Re: Thanks

That's it? That's a pretty pathetic turnout for two weeks.

"Spiderman 2" made $60 million in about a day and a half, with far less TV advertising.
Re: Actually compared to

It doesn't matter what it costs to make. My point was that people aren't going in droves to see it like the media claims they are, because most people can see it's propaganda bull*****.
Re: Actually compared to

Yeah, and I'm a Chinese jet pilot!
Not really... the V-Rod doesn't have much of a chance there.
Nice generalizations. Your ignorance is frightening.

Racists? Most of the worst racist acts in history have been committed by left-wingers, not right wingers. The only exception is Hitler, whose acts pale in comparison those comitted by Stalin and his successors. All the great racist policies of this country were instituted by left-wingers as well.

And as far as dirty capitalist pigs go, no group in all of human history is slimier than lefter-than-left Hollywood.

Huh? Do you have ANY proof of this bull***** accusation regarding minority voters? Or is this another one of your made-up charges against those bad old Republicans?

And Gore DID NOT WIN THE POPULAR VOTE. Go back and look at the numbers. Bush won, period. Deal with it.
Re: Elections for Dummies

So the electoral vote from Florida alone voted Bush in, and not all those other states where he soundly defeated Gore?
Re: thwipt!

I've been waiting for that...
THAT would be a much better choice.
Re: Too much FoxNews for the Captain.

And if Bush had won one of the other big states it would have gone HIS way. We can play the "what if" game until the end of the world.

People always whine about how Gore "won the popular vote." What you are forgetting is quite a few overseas military personnel absentee votes that weren't counted, and that Gore's camp pushed not to be counted. Active military personnel typically vote Republican. What a coincidence! So to say Gore won the popular vote is misleading.

Aside from all that, the popular vote doesn't matter- the electoral vote does, and Gore didn't win that.

"Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades."
Re: Too much FoxNews for the Captain.

I forgot to add that Gore LOST the popular vote in FL.
I have no respect for you. Only YOU would post a reply saying you won't look at a reply to your post.

You should know by now that simply calling me an imbecile without arguing a point just confirms that YOU are in fact the imbecile and are just envious of another person's ability to rationally explain their opinion.

Did your mommy help you with "captainsaveaho"? That's by far the lamest play on my name that I've ever seen. A four-year-old could come up with a better nickname than that. Go back and look at some older flame wars I've been in and take some notes on how to properly make fun of someone's name.

It's people like YOU who give liberals a bad name. I should thank you and kpaul for making every potential swing voter on this site vote Republican in the upcoming election. You two are the best Bush campaigners he could ever hope for.
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Re: Comfort is Overrated

"And unless it's broken, no bike should be in the back of a truck on a sunny day.

Too bad about the Turrette's syndrome, I think they have medication for that now.

You should thank me for riling you up after you thanked kpaul for riling up the Republicans on the site. I thought that was what you liked to see. It's a real ***** when it happens to you, isn't it?

Yeah, I wouldn't think someone as old as Buz would have legs that strong!
Ah, well, he's not alone- I've seen this numerous times on this site before.
Re: Too much FoxNews for the Captain.

Oh, no doubt about that- I would rather have voted for ANY other republican candidate than Bush, since he was by far the worst choice there, and as a motorcyclist would never have voted for Gore. Unfortunately, we are stuck in a system that requires an enormous amount of money and clout to run a presidential campaign, and the only two parties with enough of both to win refuse to pick decent candidates.

I think it was Jefferson who said that a two-party system would wreck this country. I think he's going to be proven correct in the future, if he hasn't been proven correct already.
Re: Quite possibly the funniest line ever.

Yes, I know. That's there simply to aggravate kpaul and a few others whose purpose in life is to bash Bush. It's not meant to be taken seriously.

Are there any good 3rd party candidates this year?
What relevance does this have to my post?
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