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Harley V-Rod vs. Victory Kingpin

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Having only heard of the "king Pin" recently, I'd have to say "nice bike"! the V-Rod is a great looking bike but the fuel issue is a pain. my ZR7-s gets about 250mi/per tank (I know its not you RC51/R1/CBR/ZX whatever, but it is a great bike, 19,000mi on the OD). My father owned a Mean Streak that had the same 100mi. fill-up times, big pain in the arse (his "Wing" goes forever on a tank!). Getting off track. Both bikes are nice looking and it was a great review for both of them as well as nice pic's of the rally as well. I guess I will wait till Biketober Fest for the next big bike event here in FL.
1 - 1 of 215 Posts
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