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Harley V-Rod vs. Victory Kingpin

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so clearly one should vote for neither Bush nor Kerry.
Re: almost forgot

Well actually I agree, somebody(s) ought to be ashamed but I'm not the guy you're after. If you're reading this you know who you are though.

...and now I'll shut up
It's not even close to the same thing.

I’m hoping you’re just young and unaware of what you’re saying. Regardless of any lack of ill intention on your part to think of it simply as an abbreviation doesn’t change the connotation of the word. Do yourself a favor and look up the history behind the word and the hatred it originated from. Surf the web on the incident with Bill Parcels. That should at least clue you in that Jap is an offensive term. Type in "jap racial slur" in Google and see what you come up with. If that doesn't convince you start using it in your everyday vocabulary. Refer to Japanese people, companies, and products as "Jap ____" and see what reactions you get. Careful though or you’re likely to be picking yourself and your teeth up off the ground.
Re: Willie G, you listening?

I agree with you for their current lineup of naked and semi naked streetfighters,but you were talking about sport tourers which are a diffferent breed of break into that area Buell would be better served with a different engine.
Re: almost forgot

Thanks for your reply. If I hammered you in error, I stand corrected and apologize.

Re: Capt and BMW Congrads

I think this exchange is putting a strain on your relationship

- cruiz-euro
As part of my "getting ready for the weekend" drill, I review the MO postings for that week. I haven't had as many laughs as I got from these Victory/Harley postings. What a great return for $12. Keep up the debates guys. It'll be a shame when this election is over. KPaul, you liberal nut-ball, keep fighting the good fight. See you all Monday. Do have a safe and eventful weekend.
My apoligies for BMWwhatever's narrow and incomplete view of things. After going to business school and engineering school one thing I have learned from engineering is balance i.e. no extreme is perfect. Business types see unrestrained capitalism as the perfect world. However, you have pointed out that a balanced more stable society is better for families i.e. all humans. This why I am so down on George Bush's approach to things. He is a MBA grad and thus comes from a narrow view of the world. Budget deficit spending will make us feel good in the short term but ruin our children's economic future years latter
I am not a liberal. I am a fiscal conservative carry a big stick Republican ala John McCain.
Kp you poor hapless dolt you wouldn't know fiscal conservatisim if it bit you in the ass. I've go news for you John McCain is a liberal in the worst way. The chicken hawk neocons at NRO supported him over Bush last election cycle simply because he was much more likely to push their agenda in Iraq and elsewhere. Those people that you call consevative have all of the hallmarks of the National Socialist party in prewar Germany. Is there some part of socialist that you can't comprehend? The whole lot of the neocon movement were former Democrats. Everytime you open your mouth you expose such appalling ignorace of the subject at hand that you make me feel sorry for you. I have tried to help you along by e-mailing you some links that would give you a broader perspective on the world in general. My only hope is that you havn't read them, because if you actually did you are really hopeless. Many of the links that I sent actually would support some of your postulations if you only had the wherewithal to put the pieces of the puzzle together. The fact that you actually have taken college level classes in economics, and remain unaware of the Austrian theory is a sad comentary on our education system. Keynes is without a doubt the biggest enemy of a stable economy that the world has ever seen. Freidman himself fails to grasp the obvious when it comes to the government keeping it's grubby paws away from control of the economy. Unless you intend to play the fool for the rest of your life, I beseech you to quit thinking that you have a clue and start doing a little more study. VWW
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Thanks for the lesson. I'll tell my Japanese riding buddy to stop using the term, and I'll also let him know he should have kicked out my teeth long ago.

It's a good thing we have sensitivity cops like you around to make sure that guys like Ken and me know that our inoffensive banter is really racial conflict, and he should be punching me.
Easy dude. Government has to control the economy via fiscal vs monetary policy
Hey, you're welcome! I like working with retar...err, excuse me, the mentally-challenged.
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