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Harley V-Rod vs. Victory Kingpin

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It really is a neat motor, but after riding one for an hour or so I couldn't see putting serious miles on one either unless I bungeid my knees to the tank.
Having only heard of the "king Pin" recently, I'd have to say "nice bike"! the V-Rod is a great looking bike but the fuel issue is a pain. my ZR7-s gets about 250mi/per tank (I know its not you RC51/R1/CBR/ZX whatever, but it is a great bike, 19,000mi on the OD). My father owned a Mean Streak that had the same 100mi. fill-up times, big pain in the arse (his "Wing" goes forever on a tank!). Getting off track. Both bikes are nice looking and it was a great review for both of them as well as nice pic's of the rally as well. I guess I will wait till Biketober Fest for the next big bike event here in FL.
Documentary? LOL

Read these opinions from journalists who aren't exactly right wingers:

Richard Cohen also has an article in the Washington Post about what a piece of crap this "documentary" is.

Now please get back on your medication.
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Re: Documentary? LOL

Ha ha! He got you again.
First, my Shovelhead runs like a friggin charm. No popping or backfiring. You think I'm a hack mechanic?? LOL Yeah, it sounds like the battery magnetic field may have made the DFO go haywire. I doubt it was the heat, or it probably wouldn't have recovered. Riding near a BMW can cause all kinds of problems, including a hankering for a shot of Geritol.
Re: Thanks

That's it? That's a pretty pathetic turnout for two weeks.

"Spiderman 2" made $60 million in about a day and a half, with far less TV advertising.
Re: Documentary? LOL

I'm just having a little fun with him. My sister's boyfriend is a lab scientist so he's given me some pointers on rat testing.

Plus I feel like I owe him a little conversation since his aging relatives are responsible for so many of my cool toys.
Re: Thanks

Notice that he thinks that putting democrats in office will end political corruption.

Tee hee hee.
Re: Documentary? LOL

Just wait until he finds out that you are the west coast distributor for radar jammers. subject...I think the chick in the green is a she-male; discuss amongst yourselves.....
Good review Ebass and Fonzie. I like the inserted comment method to clarify the autors descriptions.

I would like to see sport/touring rig made with the Vrod motor. The motor is sweet, but the ergos on the Vrod suck!(IMHO). I might have to start checking out Victory, their bike keep getting good reviews. I just wish I liked cruiser/retro styled bikes better. They just don't do nothing for me style wise, or riding (wise).
V-Rod not so bad for a long trip

I took my V-Rod from Baltimore to Memphis the summer of last year. I did the (aprox) 1,000 miles in one day and had fun the whole way.

The touring windshield generated too much turbulence around my head so I removed it, the bags I had were the same as in this test but I also had the passenger backrest and a small luggage rack (for an extra bag). The seat I had on was not the sundowner (that makes the bike look too chubby) but the custom seat from the H-D catalog (slimmer but very comfortable).

True, I had to stop about every 100 miles for fuel, but since I wasn't on any kind of a rush that was nice... and every gas station had someone who wanted to talk to me about the bike or the trip.

I wasn't sore at all... except from smiling all the way to Elvisville. :)

Would I have been more comfortable on a bigger bike? Probably. And I would have had to stop a lot less often for gas too, but I would not have had such a good time I bet.
I'm surprised that you didn't simply pull out the duct tape and baling wire that any real Harley owner carries at all times and rig up a hanger for the Vrod's key.

Anyhow, pretty clever of Ebass to think of this comparo and also good persistence in convincing King Sean and the distributors to go along with it.

However we all know that it really was all a smoke screen thought up simply to ***** more time on the VRod. Kudos for a successful operation. If he'd run Iran/Contra they'd have never been caught.

Next is for Ebass to convince them that he needs a VRod for a year's longterm test. You know, to check out its reliability. All in the interest of science. It'd be tough but somebody's gotta do it.
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Nobody likes a rat Seruzawa
Re: Documentary? Big Deal

5. Of all Michael Moore's accusations, only 97% are true

It doesn't have to be true. All that matters is that people believe that George W. Bush is incompetent or a crook.
Actually compared to

$60 million for a documentry that cost at most $3 million to make is a home run. In fact Disney stockholders are made as hell that Eisner didn't release it.
Critics give Fahrenheit 9/11 an average of B+ to A

Critics rave about Fahrenheit 9/11

"...the statistics, the footage, the accumulation of facts are staggering -- or, at the very least, fascinating." more... A-

Boston Globe

Ty Burr "...Fahrenheit 9/11 is many things, but for pity's sake let's not call it a documentary." more... B

Chicago Sun-Times

Roger Ebert "...a compelling, persuasive film..." more... A-

Chicago Tribune

Michael Wilmington " one will react indifferently..." more... A

E! Online "Moore's biggest accomplishment here is putting the factual pieces into (a frightening) perspective." more... A

David Levine "Putting the politics aside, Moore's film is well crafted..." more... A-

New York Post

Lou Lumenick "...isn't half as incendiary or persuasive as its maker would have you believe." more... B-

New York Times

A. O. Scott "...worth seeing, debating and thinking about, regardless of your political allegiances." more... A


James Berardinelli "...offers little more than a repetitive, two-hour attack on Bush." more... B-

Rolling Stone

Peter Travers "...[a] brilliant battering ram..." more... A-

San Francisco Chronicle

Mick LaSalle "...signals [Moore's] transition from political entertainer to political thinker..." more... A

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

William Arnold "..poised to...shake up the American public in a big way." more... B-

USA Today

Claudia Puig "... informative, provocative, frightening, compelling, funny, manipulative and, most of all, entertaining." more...
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Re: My tool

You guys need to get married, all that preoccupation with your tool is not good. What happened to Double D Dorthy (Dot) Buz?
Re: Documentary? Big Deal

The ends justify the means, eh?

You have just admitted being a lying propagandist. Since a republic or a democracy can only operate successfully if the people have accurate information, people like you who deal in propaganda lies are a worse enemy to our republic than any Osama or Hussein. Your willingness to use lies to achieve political aims demonstrates your arrogant fascist belief that people are too stupid to be trusted with the vote. This is why your whining about Bush "stealing the election" (another lie) is so self-contradictory.

Why don't you move to France? You'd fit right in. They like quisling Americans there. You can be one of these trained dog expatriates who hang around foreign nations, earning your keep by barking how much you hate America in exchange for table craps.

Back to ignore mode.
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