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Harley V-Rod vs. Victory Kingpin

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Hey Sean you owe me

an apology.

You called me an idiot for wanting a Stealth Ninja with a Laser not Radar Jammer and a Radar Detector. Check out this article about a Stealth R1 Yamaha in Super Street Bike Radar Roy installed it on the R1 for these guys Score Radar Roy R1: 3 Cops 0
Ness is a genius

Excellent points any idiot that watches the Discovery Channel knows Ness does more than just make Harley clones. The guy is great. I like some of his art deco bikes.

"The masses are clamoring to see that Revolution engine wrapped in a variety of packages and rightly so" Right on Eric [ut that Revolution engine in touring package or something that doesn't have the front end so raked out and Harley has another best seller. I am disappointed as a stockholder they haven't created a entire family of bikes around the Revolution engine.
"That sad thing is I more or less like all of the guys who attack you, or are annoyed/pissed-off by you. They do have something to offer to the world outside of politics, and I know we could all benefit from their life experiences. I'm sure if it came down to it, we'd all just be better off going out for a fun ride and then ending the day with some brews."

Excellent Point thanks man. I like all these guys as well.

Re: Quite possibly the funniest line ever.

I prefer the label right wing challenged
Elections for Dummies

Gore won the popular vote but "lost" the electoral vote(cause of Fla) and the vote in the Supreme Court. Geez Captian all school kids know this.
Too much FoxNews for the Captain.

Funny how you didn't know that Gore won the popular vote. If Gore would had FLA go his way he wins it's that simple. Watch MSNBC with Chris Mathews much more balanced then Whannity and Colms on Fox
Re: Ness is a genius

You make a good point. I probably would never buy a Harley cruiser. I would probably buy a Kawasaki, Yamaha or Honda cruiser even if they cost the same. Reliability with all the Hondas and the one Kawasaki I have had have been excellent.
Elections for Dummies and Idiots II Your facts are wrong sir

"People always whine about how Gore "won the popular vote." What you are forgetting is quite a few overseas military personnel absentee votes that weren't counted, and that Gore's camp pushed not to be counted. Active military personnel typically vote Republican. What a coincidence! So to say Gore won the popular vote is misleading."

This is just not true Gore won the popular vote by a large margin (Click here idiot)
Move to Canada idiot

"I think it was Jefferson who said that a two-party system would wreck this country. I think he's going to be proven correct in the future, if he hasn't been proven correct already. "

Besides not knowing the facts you don't know anything about government. If you want a screwed up parlimentary system move Canada .
You were wrong, admit it and move on. Gore won the popular vote get over it. Just like you want people to get over the fact that Bush won the electoral vote and thereby the election.
Re: Too much FoxNews for the Captain.

Yes it is compared to your B.S. that Gore didn't win. God where were you in 2000
Re: what the hell you talkin' bout?

Yep how does someone with abosolutely no qualifications get her job. ValkBandit you are on to something.
OK you Morons I'll talk real slow

You can't admit you are wrong can you? .5% works out to be 543,895 votes 1/2 million or so . Your right wing wacko theory says there were more than that from military personnel that weren't not counted. That's the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Don't you think the Republicans would of been all over that if it happened. God you are just fracking stupid and gullible.
21 - 40 of 215 Posts
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