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Harley V-Rod vs. Victory Kingpin

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I'm waiting for a more Vincent-like sport tourer. The V-Rod is too much of a locomotive. Get the pegs under the rider's butt and up off the ground, shorten the wheelbase, put some real luggage on it and increase the tank to about 6 gallons. And paint it black while you're at it. Now I'll think about buying one. That motor is far too good to be lost in some styling exercise.
Things KPaul never said

"This is why your whining about Bush "stealing the election" (another lie) is so self-contradictory. "

I never said that.

I love this country, why do you question my patriotism? So what if Moore is 97% right. At least he gets people talking and thinking.
I agree totally.


standard postion pegs.

ground clearance.

decrease rake.

lose the solid wheel.

bring the seat forward .. just a little.

make the bars narrower.

then you can call it the V-Rod RR.

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Re: Actually compared to

It doesn't matter what it costs to make. My point was that people aren't going in droves to see it like the media claims they are, because most people can see it's propaganda bull*****.
I'm thinkin' I see some adam's apple there too dude. Good Eye.
Was this a bike review? It says bike review.. but I don't see a bike review. I go into this knowing almost nothing about the Victory bike, and I come away... knowing almost nothing about the victory bike.

but hey... the pics are cool.. and I did get several chuckles... so what the heck...

I guess he got you too! He he

It's easy to see why an ignorant propagandist would fall in love with another. Birds of a feather you know.
I thought the v-rod was the only thing that HD had that was worth anything but I was wrong after a test ride. It sucks like the rest of their product line. I really didn't think the engine had any power? I'll take a jap cruiser/tourer/sport bike any day!

Buells are even worse! Wow, people actually buy those things?
Comfort is Overrated


I took my R1 for a 2500 mile tour last summer. My longest days were about 500 miles. I have Heli-Bars which for the R1 raise the bars about an inch from stock (truly not such a big deal--probably where they should have been anyway) and a double-bubble "sport-touring" screen which is still damn small.

And it was great. After a 500 mile day I was waaay ready to go and ride some more.

Bottom line, I think that for most motorcyclists our definition of "comfort" is different than what non-bikers mean...anyone in a car just has a different concept of what is comfortable.

I suggest that reliability is much more important than comfort when you're on the road. Hey, I get stiff I can stop and eat, chat up the locals....if I'm on a motorcycle trip am I in a hurry?

But what profoundly sucks is to break down 50 miles from the nearest town with a *insert the brand of your bike here* dealer.

In a tangentially related idea, I just came back to Seattle from Medford, OR. It was hot and sunny and there were quite a few bikes prowling the freeway. 1. I'd guess that 80% of them were "uncomfortable" Harleys. 2. I also saw maybe 8 bikes on trailers and pickups. ALL of them were Harleys.

So where were the Honda Blackbirds and Yamaha FZ1's? Get out and ride, people!

And unless it's broken, no bike should be in the back of a truck on a sunny day.
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Re: I guess he got you too! He he

Right Moore is the guy that broke the news wide open about the George W. Bush AWOL thing. Yep Moore can be over the top but its a good discussion to have when you are sending young men and women into battle. I have daughters and I know you have a son. I hope your son never goes to fight a war like Iraq.
There was a reason?

To take the dipshyt off ignore? The only way I would respond to this a$$hole is if he was within reach, and I could give him a signed copy of "Ass kicking for Dummies", at which point the nonsense would end immediately. I'm sure his act would be much different in a face to face encounter.
Nice try KPaul Jr.

If anyone bites at this bait I'll be surprised.
Re: There was a reason?

Careful longride, he's a bodybuilder you know. VWW
Re: There was a reason?

Hey I know how to stand up to a bully. Just because you are bigger than everyone doesn't give you the right to kick someones ass you don't agree with. And no I would make the same points face to face. How come you dwarfs who lose arguments always resort to name calling or worse yet physical force. Sounds like you need to grow up longride.
Re: There was a reason?

Yep but longride I think is 3 inches taller and god knows how many pounds more. But I have stood up to bullies before.
The amazing part is that you were able to push the geezerglide fast enough to stay close the the Boxer. VWW
Re: Nice try KPaul Jr.

Come on Buz. If you'll waste your breath on Kpaul, certainly you can spare a few words for this piker. VWW
Re: Actually compared to

Yeah, and I'm a Chinese jet pilot!
P.S. I didn't start this Buz did

Just to remind everyone I didn't start this constructive political debate today.
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