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Harley V-Rod vs. Victory Kingpin

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Capt and BMW Congrads

Congrads you are the dumbest MOrons that KPaul has ever debated on MO.
Re: Too much FoxNews for the Captain.

543895 votes pal, you are an idiot.
My apoligies for BMWwhatever's narrow and incomplete view of things. After going to business school and engineering school one thing I have learned from engineering is balance i.e. no extreme is perfect. Business types see unrestrained capitalism as the perfect world. However, you have pointed out that a balanced more stable society is better for families i.e. all humans. This why I am so down on George Bush's approach to things. He is a MBA grad and thus comes from a narrow view of the world. Budget deficit spending will make us feel good in the short term but ruin our children's economic future years latter
I am not a liberal. I am a fiscal conservative carry a big stick Republican ala John McCain.
Easy dude. Government has to control the economy via fiscal vs monetary policy
41 - 45 of 215 Posts
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