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Harley V-Rod vs. Victory Kingpin

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Re: Nice try KPaul Jr.

Come on you guys. Not everyone who disagrees with you is me. You guys need to show him the courtesy of good discussion. I have learned alot from both of you guys.
Re: There was a reason?

I was just practising my skills for insulting a dipshyt. Kook is the best candidate for this I've ever known. Notice how the "King of Misrepresenting What Others Say" gets so tweaked when someone does it to him.

So far my record is 7 repsonses of his for one tweak of mine. Someday I'll top that record.
Re: Actually compared to

With the 4 more years Bush will have in office there'll be plenty of time for more of these quisling hit pieces from lying crapbrains like Moore.

Jeez. I don't even like Bush. But this insane demonizing carried out by the likes of KQuislingKook are just too much.
Re: Nice try KPaul Jr.

Unfortunately one of the things you failed to learn was when to shut up. VWW
Nice Review

Nice writing EBass. The Kingpin has more style than a Harley. V-Rod sounds nice. I don't think I'll ever like theV-Rod raked out chopper like front end. Victory has added another couple of dealers here is Seattle. Nice pictures and video.
Re: Actually compared to

I am really a Bush operative. Ok now you know the truth so that means you will vote for Keryy huh
Re: There was a reason?

The only way I would respond to this a$$hole is if he was within reach, and I could give him a signed copy of "Ass kicking for Dummies", at which point the nonsense would end immediately.

ROTFLMAO!!! I feel compelled to ride to Chicago and buy you a beer just for that laugh!
Re: Thanks

I was wondering about that. Oh well, let them dream I say. Politics are politics and politicians are corrupt...
Kpaul, u r a glutton for abuse man. keep up the good fight but i think you are up against the Praetorian Bush Guard sounds like. The only thing that will dissuade them is if GWB gets a blow job in the oval office, they won't tolerate that...
No problem, what you'd get is a good street fighter.

Should it be added to the H-D lineup? Probably not since there's not enough demand for the current cruiser, but somebody should build it in limited numbers to see what happens. I know I'd like it but would not buy it.
Am I the only one that hates that louvered bathroom? They should just cover the hole with chicken wire and save the money.
You have to be kidding JB. If GWB gets a blow job in the oval office it will be both the most productive, and the least damaging thing that he's done for our country since winning the election. VWW
prolly would've saved thousands of lives if GWB hadn't decided to be a saint lo those many years ago. If only he could relax after a day at the office with a couple martinis and an intern we would never have gotten into all this Iraq ***** i bet... seriously. All that time spent in sober contemplation of god's will and righteousness, well, those who fail to learn the lessons of history eh?
Maybe she had it in her mouth, but really didn't suck it JB!
This incredibly lame, so-called 'review' is just another nail in the coffin for my subscription. Does anyone remember the last 'decent' review this magazine had? Just look at the last one on the Yamaha Royal Star Tour can you call those eight short paragraphs a 'review'?

Ebass has made nothing but excuses to ride the VRod every chance he gets (3 times in about a year and a half), and the boss keeps letting him! Does the editor realize that the VTX 1300, the hottest selling bike for Honda, has been on the market for three years now, AND NOT REVIEWED YET!?

If you MOrons don't want to stay in bussiness, just keep doing what you're doing. If you want to be a better magazine, you better hire someone to take charge of your publishing. Hell, I have a Bachelor of General Education degree and I could do better than this poor effort.

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that's a little harsh, but Where are All the Bikes, guys? is there trouble in paradise?
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