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Harley V-Rod vs. Victory Kingpin

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Re: Thanks

Jerry Springer does real well too. As does the National Enquirer.
Re: Thanks

You vote for the lies you like best, plain and simple.
The 3 V-Rod owners Ive spoken with out on the road they all say the 100 mile tank is about right. After 100 they are ready to get off the bike and take a break. All three were in the Ebass size catagory.
Quite possibly the funniest line ever.

If it makes him feel better I'll soften him up before he gets to you.

He'll feel more confident against a little guy like me.
Won the election? When ALL the votes were recounted a month or so after the election Bush lost. But Bore was so dazzled by the chads he failed to simply ask for a complete recount. It was all about the chads man. Not sure which would be worse, bush or Tipper banning all my favorite heavy metal and God only knows what else. Then again isnt that what bush has been up to, no that was robbing us of all our constitutional freedoms with that friggin patriat act.
A jap cruiser/tourer/sport bike? 2 ahole points for the racial slur. Nice to see your ignorance doesn't only encompass motorcycles.
As a southern patriot I have no dog in this hunt, but the left's perpetual whining about Florida is simply not acceptable.

It is a myth that Gore won florida people. There have been over 20 documented recounts by several organizations, including left leaning newspapers.

Gore has won precisely 0 of them.

There are lies on both sides. I've slammed on the Elephants.. I figure I may as well slam the jackasses too.
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A little harsh? That's like sayin' I'm a little bit of a jerk.

I think we all miss the good ole days, and there are a lot of bikes I'd like to see reviewed. GSXR-750 anyone?
Try the VRod vs. VMax comparo... thats at least a little interesting!!

a few weeks ago i wrecked one of my race bikes and myself in turn 2 at pacific raceway. in a very tidy loophole in our 3 bikes apeice rule that entitled me to a new bike. i got an sv1000s since i had a backup racebike.

it seems incredible for the price. may be better than a buell. i can review that as soon as i heal enough to really ride it.

turns out you can be pretty screwed up physically and still have enthusiasm for motorcycles. who knew?

my point is maybe we should take to the reviewing on our own. i get a kick out of the people on this site. i could care less about the reviews. it's the responses i love.
Already reviewed it...

This MO SV1000S review was published a little over a year ago

and this MO SV1000 vs Z1000 mini shootout was published last September

All you need to do is click on the "BIKES" tab on the homepage and you can see every bike review we've ever done.
Hey Sean you owe me

an apology.

You called me an idiot for wanting a Stealth Ninja with a Laser not Radar Jammer and a Radar Detector. Check out this article about a Stealth R1 Yamaha in Super Street Bike Radar Roy installed it on the R1 for these guys Score Radar Roy R1: 3 Cops 0
Re: Already reviewed it...

Halfway through 2004: 2 multibike shootouts.

2003: 12 multi-bike shootouts

2002: 10 multi-bike shootouts
Yeah, Bore "lost" Florida, but what about all the minority voters who didn't get to vote. You can't have forgotten about all of the nefarious tactics used by the right wing to swing the state of Florida in their favor, have you? Either way, with or without Florida, Bore still won the popular vote. As in more Americans voted for Bore than they did for LostintheBush.

Whatever. They're all whack. Can I just vote no confidence in the whole process?
Thanks for the article guys. It sounded like a good time, if not lucky :). These bikes aren't my cup of tea but to each his own. As always the posts, relevant and otherwise, are a good part of the show.
Not really... the V-Rod doesn't have much of a chance there.
You are the most vocal about what you believe in, but I just thought I'd let you know that you are not alone in how you feel.

I'm with Kpaul.

Republicans/right-wingers are usually either idiots, self-serving arseholes, or some combination of both. Not to mention dirty capitalist pigs who would sell out their fellow man for the almighty dollar. I just came back from a conference in Baltimore and I had the chance to hang out with people of various political affiliations. To a man, I'd say, the republicans among us were the most insufferable anal sphincters, not to mention closet racists. The Jewish community has a saying, "Pour in a little wine, get out a little truth." It's amazing and appalling the things that will come out of these people's mouths after a few drinks.

There is a place for these kind of people. It's called Hell. It's just unfortunate the rest of us have to suffer because of them while they're still living.

No worries though. I would say that for the most part it's better to ignore them. I doubt, Kpaul, that you will convert any of the right-wingers here. But I do commend you on your ability to ***** them off. I love it. It's awesome how they all react and gang up on you or call anyone that disagrees with them "Kpaul Jr."

You've done good work.

As for all the threats of physical violence, it is something I would expect of lesser intelligent beings. That being said, if anyone did step up to you, I figure you would do the right thing and resort to a nonviolent resolution. But if push really came to shove, I have your back.

That sad thing is I more or less like all of the guys who attack you, or are annoyed/pissed-off by you. They do have something to offer to the world outside of politics, and I know we could all benefit from their life experiences. I'm sure if it came down to it, we'd all just be better off going out for a fun ride and then ending the day with some brews.

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Willie G, you listening?

We know you all look at MO, but do you actually read the comments and act upon them? See the V-Rod comments? 2 complaints over and over again, why no real sport tourer and the gas tank needs to be bigger. What do we have to do, build the damn thing for you all? I would sell my 2003 E-Glide Classic in a minute for a V-Rod tourer or sport tourer. Just a note, why do you think I also ride BMWs? Hmm, might sell the K bike for a V-Rod tourer at that....If BMW NA reads this, just figure that you have moved away from me as a customer lately....Harley just hasn't moved enough in my direction with the V-Rod...
almost forgot

The kingpin (where in the hell did that lame ass name come from) is still just another clone, a really nice thought out one, but still a clone of a Harley. Even its design guru, Arlen Ness, makes clones of Harleys, very very nice clones, but still clones......face it, all the "custom" bike builders and "metric" cruisers are nothing more than clones filling a gap HD has left for them in the Market place. Isn't that nice of H-D.......allowing all these fine folks to go down poorly choosen style paths and using obsolete engine designs so H-D does not have too.....they have enough of their own already.

Let's see, that should ***** off all sides, that was fun....
Re: almost forgot

I'm sure you just got caught up in trying to make your point, but I have to protest when you accuse Arlen Ness of doing nothing but making clones of Harleys. His custom work includes some of the most original and imaginative bikes ever built. Sorry man, but I couldn't let that slide.

Otherwise, I agree. The masses are clamoring to see that Revolution engine wrapped in a variety of packages and rightly so. Maybe if we all jump up at a pre-appointed time and shout "Hey, Willie G!" when we land, the earth will move and the H-D brass will heed our MOronic call. Hey, I've had dumber ideas.
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