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Harley V-Rod vs. Victory Kingpin

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Re: Quite possibly the funniest line ever.

Don't you guys know it's not nice to pick on the handicapped?
Re: Actually compared to

Now that Kerry picked a vice president with more skill than himself the Dems might have a chance after all.
Hey Eric

When you ride the Kingpin do you grow a big floppy comb-over?
Ness is a genius

Excellent points any idiot that watches the Discovery Channel knows Ness does more than just make Harley clones. The guy is great. I like some of his art deco bikes.

"The masses are clamoring to see that Revolution engine wrapped in a variety of packages and rightly so" Right on Eric [ut that Revolution engine in touring package or something that doesn't have the front end so raked out and Harley has another best seller. I am disappointed as a stockholder they haven't created a entire family of bikes around the Revolution engine.
"That sad thing is I more or less like all of the guys who attack you, or are annoyed/pissed-off by you. They do have something to offer to the world outside of politics, and I know we could all benefit from their life experiences. I'm sure if it came down to it, we'd all just be better off going out for a fun ride and then ending the day with some brews."

Excellent Point thanks man. I like all these guys as well.

Re: Quite possibly the funniest line ever.

I prefer the label right wing challenged
Re: Willie G, you listening?

yeah that's what all the h-d guys want, a little engine they have to rev to 7000 rpm to get their 800-pound bikes underway... i don't see the V Rod motor complementing H-D's bigger bikes so much really... you want a V4 I'm thinkin...
Nice generalizations. Your ignorance is frightening.

Racists? Most of the worst racist acts in history have been committed by left-wingers, not right wingers. The only exception is Hitler, whose acts pale in comparison those comitted by Stalin and his successors. All the great racist policies of this country were instituted by left-wingers as well.

And as far as dirty capitalist pigs go, no group in all of human history is slimier than lefter-than-left Hollywood.

Huh? Do you have ANY proof of this bull***** accusation regarding minority voters? Or is this another one of your made-up charges against those bad old Republicans?

And Gore DID NOT WIN THE POPULAR VOTE. Go back and look at the numbers. Bush won, period. Deal with it.
Elections for Dummies

Gore won the popular vote but "lost" the electoral vote(cause of Fla) and the vote in the Supreme Court. Geez Captian all school kids know this.
Re: Elections for Dummies

So the electoral vote from Florida alone voted Bush in, and not all those other states where he soundly defeated Gore?
Too much FoxNews for the Captain.

Funny how you didn't know that Gore won the popular vote. If Gore would had FLA go his way he wins it's that simple. Watch MSNBC with Chris Mathews much more balanced then Whannity and Colms on Fox
Re: Already reviewed it...

yeah i read it and it was really good writing. my review would just draw a bunch of critical response. in fact your review is why i had any interest in the bike at all. then i rode it. it was exactly what i wanted. if you are still reading this, i have yet another plea. i would love to know how stuff like power commanders affect different bikes. have you guys done much in the way of performance upgrade reviews?
Re: Willie G, you listening?

Im an EGlide owner who would be interested in a VROD based tourer but it would be more than just put the VROD motor in a touring chassis. I would think a VROD based motor with a larger displacement(1500 cc?) and cammed to provide more low end grunt could be easily developed to make a nice toutrng motor. i thought the "new motor"HD had been promising for years was going to be a water cooled OHV motor and planned to buy a 2003 dresser but was very disappointed when HD gave us the Twin Cam....a nice motor but still not the modern motor I wanted.A VROD based tourer would fit my bill.I wont buy another new Harley until they build one. However,Im not sure the average HD rider would support such a bike . An old time HD guy who used to work for the Factory in the **** OBrien days and now builds the occasional motor for vintage racing claims that his contacts say HD is working on just such a bike,but Im not holding my breath.
Re: Ness is a genius

I think HD planned to do just such a thing(create a n entire family of bikes around the revolution motor) but the luke warm reception of the VROD might have delayed their plans.Problem is,HD cant base their decisions around people like you who MIGHT buy a Harley someday but probably wont;they want to lure some of that crowd over but have to satisfy at least a significant number of the Harley faithful. So far most of THAT crowd(me and Big james excepted) just aint interested.Nonetheless,I continue to hope....Im sure it will happen eventually,just not sure how soon......maybe 05?!! Dont think so but Im hoping.
I have no respect for you Captainsaveaho. You are an imbecile. Don't even reply. I won't look at it.
or how about the annual comparo of the GL1800 and the K1200 LT? The Beemer has a ton of updates and could reclaim the title...
what i really want to see is the V-Max versus the Rocket III!!!!!
Re: Ness is a genius

You make a good point. I probably would never buy a Harley cruiser. I would probably buy a Kawasaki, Yamaha or Honda cruiser even if they cost the same. Reliability with all the Hondas and the one Kawasaki I have had have been excellent.
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