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Harley V-Rod vs. Victory Kingpin

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No, but a little guy in red and blue tights keeps jumping in front of you.
Re: Willie G, you listening?

Perhaps something like the BMW RT sport tourer with the emphasis more on tour than sport And minus the surging and clunky transmission.
Re: Add a Laser Jammer and a Radar detector (Radar/Laser for Dummies continued)

Interesting that this topic came up. Yesterday I was talking to two cops in my complex. I think they were waiting for someone, but anyway besides being pretty cool they did have some useful info. One of them point blank told me that a bright white light will screw up a laser. He said that is why they rarely use it. So I said that if I run highbeams during the day (which I do anyway) I can effectively kill laser, and he said yes.
Re: thwipt!

I've been waiting for that...
THAT would be a much better choice.
Re: almost forgot

yeah, they all cloned the fuel injection, liquid cooling, hydraulic clutch, shaft drive, rubber mounted motors, etc...

The VRod is nothing but a clone of the metric cruisers...

HD is nothing but a clone of Indian...

All cars are nothing but clones of the Model T...

The Model T is nothing but a clone of the original two wheeled push cart...

Give me a break with all this 'clone' non-sense.

There are a ton of cool bikes out there. It is a shame the majority of us can only own one, or two at a time if you are lucky.
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Re: Too much FoxNews for the Captain.

And if Bush had won one of the other big states it would have gone HIS way. We can play the "what if" game until the end of the world.

People always whine about how Gore "won the popular vote." What you are forgetting is quite a few overseas military personnel absentee votes that weren't counted, and that Gore's camp pushed not to be counted. Active military personnel typically vote Republican. What a coincidence! So to say Gore won the popular vote is misleading.

Aside from all that, the popular vote doesn't matter- the electoral vote does, and Gore didn't win that.

"Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades."
Re: Too much FoxNews for the Captain.

I forgot to add that Gore LOST the popular vote in FL.
Re: Hey Sean you owe me

I would never apologize for calling you an idiot.

Even if Radar Roy sells a Laser Jammer that jams lasers and cooks dinner and makes your bike 3 minutes per lap faster around the Sepang Moto GP circuit, you'd still be an idiot.
Re: Bike Sales - Rant?

I really thought the SV1000 "naked" would be a huge hit (at least I thought it was a cool bike, but I'm one of the few wackos who bought an NT650 Hawk GT new from the showroom floor after it had sat there collecting dust for 3 years).

I recently read that Suzuki pulled it from the market this year... and that the SV1000S isn't selling well at all. Man, if I had the opportunity to buy another new bike, that one would have been near the top of my list.

What's the scoop on these poor sales? Are buyers of Japanese bikes only buying sport bikes and big-displacement cruisers?

And how are the V-Rod and Victory Vegas/Kingpin selling out in the marketplace? I sort of like the V-Rod but not the seating position or that price... yikes, $18 large!

There is a Victory dealer about 10 miles from my home and they seem to have a ton of inventory piling up. It might be a local issue(Northern CA) but I have yet to see a single Victory Vegas on the road. I still think that's a sweet looking ride.

As an "inseam challenged" rider, I like the low seat heights of the custom-style bikes, but forward controls just plain suck for me. I was told that Victory offers a kit to move the foot controls rearward, but H-D seems to only think that everyone wants them even further forward.

I'm still waiting for Erik Buell to build a real sport-touring bike around the V-Rod engine... and if he could price it like an SV1000, it would be really great as long as I'm dreaming.
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Re: Ness is a genius

EXACTLY!!! As a stockholder you should be glad HD doesnt listen to people like you who are not likely Harley buyers no matter what HD does. Whatever HD's faults,they are good at market assessment;they attend rallys,shows,etc and they listen.They try to satisfy their present customers and assess what non-Harley owners are potential buyers. When the time is right Im sure they will expand the VROD line,but they are better at those type decisions than you and I are. having said that,I hope they make the move before Im even older and feeble than now!
what the hell you talkin' bout?

rumor has it condaleeza rice has already worn through the knees of 12 pairs of her favorite slacks, but no DC journo can type up the details without blowing chunks over their keyboards. being the investigative type, JB, we're counting on you to break the story.
Re: Bike Sales - Rant?

Actually Harley offers a "short guy" kit for the VRod. The pegs are closer as is the seat. I'm 5-10 and the Vrod fits me perfectly but I can see that someone any shorter than me would have a hard time.

It's interesting that all these wonderful bikes that the press adores don't sell. It's a good thing Harley doesn't take its cues from half the people who post here on what H-D should produce. They'd lose as much money as the Japanese do that way.
I have no respect for you. Only YOU would post a reply saying you won't look at a reply to your post.

You should know by now that simply calling me an imbecile without arguing a point just confirms that YOU are in fact the imbecile and are just envious of another person's ability to rationally explain their opinion.

Did your mommy help you with "captainsaveaho"? That's by far the lamest play on my name that I've ever seen. A four-year-old could come up with a better nickname than that. Go back and look at some older flame wars I've been in and take some notes on how to properly make fun of someone's name.

It's people like YOU who give liberals a bad name. I should thank you and kpaul for making every potential swing voter on this site vote Republican in the upcoming election. You two are the best Bush campaigners he could ever hope for.
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You haven't rationally explained anything. Your full of shyte. You want some name play?

Let's see...














and my favorite

S h i t for brains c o c k s u c k e r

Okay, so I lied about not checking back. At least it's not as bad as lying about Weapons of Mass Destruction. F U C K Bush, F U C K Chaney F U C K the republican party and F U C K you.

You penguin s h i t eating c o c k master.
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Re: Willie G, you listening?

Actually I was thinking more of an Electra Glide/R1200CL type bike. I dont think a Harley RT type sport tourer would appeal to many current HD riders nor lure many Sport Tourer guys from BMW/Triumph/Honda whereas an EGlide type VROD powered bike mayattract some current Electras Glide riders and lure some "Touring Cruiser" types from Yamaha,BMW,Kawasaki etc. I think if we ever see a Harley sport Tourer in the RT mode it will probably be a BUell(ala S3T) and so far Buell shows no proclivity towards forsaking the air cooled motor(although in my opinion a water cooled vtwin Buell would increase sales).
Re: Comfort is Overrated

"And unless it's broken, no bike should be in the back of a truck on a sunny day.

Too bad about the Turrette's syndrome, I think they have medication for that now.

You should thank me for riling you up after you thanked kpaul for riling up the Republicans on the site. I thought that was what you liked to see. It's a real ***** when it happens to you, isn't it?

Yeah, I wouldn't think someone as old as Buz would have legs that strong!
Ah, well, he's not alone- I've seen this numerous times on this site before.
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