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Harley V-Rod vs. Victory Kingpin

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Re: Too much FoxNews for the Captain.

Every thing youv'e pointed out is correct captain, but the sad part is that the vast majority of the voters couldn't see through the choice of tweedledum and tweedledummer. Electing ANY of the so called minor party candidates would have done more good for the future of this country than either of those two bought and paid for political drones. VWW
Re: Willie G, you listening?

The V-Rod as it is works nicely to do what was intended to do: kick regular cruiser ass, feel svelte and light (by cruiser standards) and look good doing it. It does all that.

I love my V-Rod and have tons of fun riding it, but I can tell the big difference that it makes to have a passenger. My wife weighs about 120 lbs but I can FEEL (and hear) the bike being unhappy if I try to accelerate hard under 4000 rpms for instance (something that doesn't happen when riding solo). I'm about 190 lbs so we're not talking even 400 lbs combined to make the engine feel anemic at low (not even too low) rpms.

IMO the Revolution engine needs to grow in low end grunt and higher torque figures to fulfill duties such as touring or carrying around more weight.

For serious touring duties the motor must be improved (most likely enlarged). Since the fuel storage would require expansion (it is now under the seat using up as much space as they could allocate) it seems to me that it would take a new design to make it work ($$$ involved to make it happen).

The V-Rod is not selling terribly well, so I'm not holding my breath for H-D to come up with variants of the VRSCA.
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Re: Actually compared to

Yeah both Kerry and Bush really had to look far and wide to find running mates more skilled than themselves. VWW
Re: Too much FoxNews for the Captain.

Oh, no doubt about that- I would rather have voted for ANY other republican candidate than Bush, since he was by far the worst choice there, and as a motorcyclist would never have voted for Gore. Unfortunately, we are stuck in a system that requires an enormous amount of money and clout to run a presidential campaign, and the only two parties with enough of both to win refuse to pick decent candidates.

I think it was Jefferson who said that a two-party system would wreck this country. I think he's going to be proven correct in the future, if he hasn't been proven correct already.
Re: Willie G, you listening?

It would have to be more contemporary looking for sure.

I don't know if the Buell would sell any better liquid-cooled. Suzuki isn't selling a whole lot of SV1000s and Ducati sells plenty of air-cooled Monsters.
Re: Quite possibly the funniest line ever.

Yeah but he still makes more horse power than the mill in his glide. VWW

BTW captain Bush and Cheney are not Consevatives at all. The last conservative Republican to run for the presidency was Barry Goldwater in '64. Since then the Democrats have drifted futher and futher to the left and the Republicans have followed . By all practial measure Bush is much further to the left than JFK. What exactly is the difference between Bush and Kerry on the most important of true conservative issues? They are both supporters of big government, huge tax rates, and the futherance of government intrusion into almost every aspect of out lives. There may be some minor diferences between them, but nothing big enough to make either of them a viable choice to stop the rot enveloping out nation. VWW
Yes, I know. That's there simply to aggravate kpaul and a few others whose purpose in life is to bash Bush. It's not meant to be taken seriously.

Are there any good 3rd party candidates this year?
Elections for Dummies and Idiots II Your facts are wrong sir

"People always whine about how Gore "won the popular vote." What you are forgetting is quite a few overseas military personnel absentee votes that weren't counted, and that Gore's camp pushed not to be counted. Active military personnel typically vote Republican. What a coincidence! So to say Gore won the popular vote is misleading."

This is just not true Gore won the popular vote by a large margin (Click here idiot)
Move to Canada idiot

"I think it was Jefferson who said that a two-party system would wreck this country. I think he's going to be proven correct in the future, if he hasn't been proven correct already. "

Besides not knowing the facts you don't know anything about government. If you want a screwed up parlimentary system move Canada .
What relevance does this have to my post?
Re: Too much FoxNews for the Captain.

So .5% is a large margin? I see why you get so excited about the marginal improvements in sportbikes every year.
You were wrong, admit it and move on. Gore won the popular vote get over it. Just like you want people to get over the fact that Bush won the electoral vote and thereby the election.
Re: Too much FoxNews for the Captain.

Yes it is compared to your B.S. that Gore didn't win. God where were you in 2000
I am partial to Badnarik on the Libertarian ticket. The Constitution Party also has a good candidate. The real point however is even it you vote for Nader or one of the other minor Socialist candidates you will not be endorsing the status quo of the current oligarchy. Even if by some miracle one of the left leaning minor candidates were elected it would bring the current big money parties monopoly of the government to a halt, and open up a real debate as to the direction the people would like to see our country go. The only wasted vote is one for the status quo candidates. VWW
Re: Move to Canada idiot

Okay, please explain to me the exact details of why a three or even a four party system is inherently inferior to a two-party system. I'll be waiting with baited breath.

And only a complete moron with no understanding of government would confuse what Jefferson said about a two-party system (which has absolutely ZERO to do with how the government actually functions, and only concerns who is elected) with Canada's parliamentary system.
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