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Harley's 100th Party - West Coast Style

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In the name of Jesus, please make it stop.

If I hear something else about the HD 100th, I think I might vomit.
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Re: Mother nature

well, add in the fact that San Diego county has fewer firefighters per capita than most metropolitan counties in the US and spends much less on fire prevention services, and you're really in trouble. SD county just let the lease expire on their only fire-fighting helicopter a month or so ago, so they were completely dependent on the CDF bureaucracy for help.

Oh, and once the car tax gets repealed, who's going to cough up the $3 billion or so dollars to replace the funding for fire and police services? I guess we'll just have to borrow it and pass the bill to our kids. Or plan on more fires and less help.

And, not that I like outgoing dumbs**t Gov. Davis, he did put in a request last year to get money to clear out dead trees. They received the denial of funds from the Bush administration 2 weeks ago.
Re: Mother nature

Oh, and we might as well get used to these sorts of things, what with global warming and all. Those living inland may reap some benefits though: as oceans rise due to shrinking ice caps, coastal areas will be underwater. Those of us in east LA will be able to watch the westsiders flee to higher ground.
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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