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Harley has options

Harley's management has to be smart enough to realize that their string must run out eventually, after all, that's why they have Buell. Maybe it is time that they reevaluated their strategy. They have been pricing their bikes very high because they can. If they were to drop prices significantly, which they can do and still make a profit, they would attract more riders. They need to actually compete with the metric cruisers, which have gotten better over the years. Or maybe they should expand their range and offer a good, midrange street bike which is not a reworked sportster. How about their building a world class street bike based on their 750 engine?

The company has a lot of cash and a lot of options. They just need to make the right moves. As for the comment one person made about being able to support selling 350,000 bikes a year, I think we should remember that Honda sells in the range of 5,000,000 units a year, maybe more.

Harley can continue to support their graying audience and add some excitement for the younger set. Ducati has made an astounding recovery. Harley can learn from them.

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