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Hayden, Gobert Going Fast At Tire Test

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Holy Chicken and Mash Potatoes Batman, that's fast!!! And Nicky is not known for running fast times in testing, I wonder what he will do in the race...

Good for Pascal. Time for someone else to win the title.

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Im glad yamaha USA is working hard..cause a lot of us Yamiies were Pis#[email protected]# when they just did not give serious WSb effort. I understand losin Haga to GP wa integral in that season decision..but fielding only one R7 was pretty lame. I think rider was former WSSport rider__________...Anyhoo, WSSPort is still fun last year with Casoli and Whitham. Get Go show going! It was fun to watch him trouce Miguel in the rain last year in well as Sears Point
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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