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Hayden RC211V Testing Wallpapers

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Cool thanks.
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Very nice......

However, 3 of the pictures, as well as the photo over the story, are NOT of Nicky on the RC211V, but appear to be Masao Okuno on the Moriwaki.

Clues include clearly different fairing shape, Dunlop decal, and the rider wearing Yellow Taoki (sp?) leathers and Alpinstar boots rather than Nicky's red and white Joe Rocket leathers.
Re: The demise of top-class Superbike...

Superbike needs to die on a world level so that we can enjoy all the top riders in the same class again. It used to be we didn't have to argue much who was the best rider in the world because everybody rode in 500s. Then nobody but Doohan was left in 500s and we all wondered how the WSBK guys would do against him or any other of the barely consistent top riders. Of course this leads to the inevitable comments by Foggy stating he would have wiped the floor with Doohan.

Well now we have all the top guys in MotoGP and hardly anybody can argue that the vast majority of top world riders are now in one series. Yeah maybe EBoz, BBoz, and Hodgson should/could be there, but there aren't unlimited rides and way to much politics in MotoGP for everybody we want in there. The US now has FOUR riders in the top motorcycle class for the first time in close to 10 years.

I am also concerned about the health of superbike series in the short term, but within another couple of years hopefully everybody will have their 1000cc bikes competative and we'll see participation by all the teams again (although probably at the demise of FX class).
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I say Rossi's right------that RC needs a bigger front fairing. I'll have to take his word that it doesn't provide enough wind protection, but I can see that the bike looks kind of wierd on my own. You would thing that Honda would want the world's premier road-racing motorcycle to look good, but I guess not.

Funny, that other bike is just getting off the ground, with (no doubt) a tiny fraction of the resources of the RC211V effort, but even they managed to get the proportions right.
I know that I would love to have a 500 or 600 cc bike with the power of an open bike and under 300 lbs. for a street bike. If this is the direction the manufacturers are headed and they are going to bring the Moto GP bikes to the street, I say who cares about superbikes?

I remember a couple of years ago when Yamaha brought out the YZ400. I vowed never to buy a 4-stroke dirt bike because they were too slow. Now, I have a WR426 and have ridden several of the new 4-strokes. They are amazingly fast and I don' t think I'll ever switch back to a 2-stroke. More maintenance, mixing oil, etc. Plus, my bikes faster than any 250, 2-stroke I've ever owned.
Thanks! More wallpaper is nice. Go Nicky!
I know that I would love to have a 500 or 600 cc bike with the power of an open bike and under 300 lbs. for a street bike.
Sounds like a lot more ways to make myself mess my pants. Unfortunate side effect of having way too much fun.
From what I've read of the RC211V's bodywork, the minimalism is by design. Honda determined that a "slippery" shape (like the Yamaha M1's) is good for top speed (and rider comfort) but tends to create some lift as well, which will make the bike harder to turn and feel generally less stable. It's all about balance, see. And Honda felt it could always make more power to compensate for the increase in drag caused by its minimal bodywork.
Re: The demise of top-class Superbike...

It is my hope that series like AMA Superbike and World Superbike will turn to the 600's. Imagine 600-class four-strokes that are allowed the same sort of modifications seen on 750 Superbikes in recent years. . .
Thats what I understand as well. Reportedly, a lot of the wind tunnel testing was done at full lean, to evaluate aerodynamic effects on cornering speed.

For what it is worth, I understand that the new Ducati 999 was tested the same way, and some of the more controversial styling elements are a direct result of these tests.

In both cases, styling was not the most important criterion.
Good call on the images - most certin is Okuno in the Taichi Leathers, note riding position too.

Good shake down! Looking forward to America's Superbike Champ son - Nicky - in MotoGP...
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