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I don't think Nicky was being particularly presumptuous. He estimated the Rossi and Gibbers where the only sure title contenders. I don't think this is inconsistent with the opinions of other MotoGP observers.

And if Nicky also sees himself as a title contender, how else should any top rider see himself?

Personally I'm routing for lots of people...

For the young guns, Hopper, Hayden and Melandri.

For Gibbers to finally beat Rossi.

For Bayliss to beat Ducati.

For Edwards to beat Honda.

For Ducati to make a come back.

For Tamada to show his worth.

For Nakano to whip that green machine to the front.

For Rossi to continue being the consumate class act that he is.

LOL, basically I'm routing for everyone but Biaggi... He's a good rider and deserves some wins, too, but as long as he's a whiner, I'll decline to route for him.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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