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HD Dealership

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Just thought I would post this just by chance someone knows of a Harley Davidson dealership for sale or rumors of one being for sale location open Thanks
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To buy a dealership, it has to be appvoved by Harley corporate, and I believe you need a million bucks in liquid assets before they will even consider you as a buyer. Mom and Pop shops are dead. Harley is big business and they ran all the small-time operators out a long time ago.
On the other hand, I met the people who sold the Broward County HD "franchise" to Bruce Rossmeyer. They were all upset that HD wanted them to invest in a decent showroom. The place they had was a tiny strip mall type building in a crappy neighborhood. The wife kept going on about how the building would have to have these "huge windows and cost a fortune in a/c." So Rossmeyer bought it, and now has 3 huge dealerships in the county. I'm guessing he's doing ok, he as a Lear Jet painted up with a "Screamin' Eagle" scheme and HD embossed leather seats.

I don't blame HD for upping the bar, and I think a lot of Moms and Pops missed the boat.
The Mom and Pop operations were service oriented. Now it's money based. If you come in with a problem at one of the 'New" Harley dealerships, they won't give you the time of day unless you have spent 20 grand with them in the past month. I could tell a few stories about Wildfire Harley that is 1 mile from my house that you couldn't believe. When it was a small dealer across the street, those people would do anything to get you back on the road. Now? Hell, the dealer wouldn't mount a tire for me that I bought there. I had a cut tire 20 miles down the road and I took off the wheel and bought the tire there and he said he was too busy to mount it because Sturgis was coming up. I couldn't f*cking believe it. Another time I went there looking for fuel line and they said they didn't have any! No fuel line? What the f*ck? Needless to say, I buy nothing there even though it's a mile from my house. Run by rich a$$holes that don't care about anything but making a buck. Times have changed.
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1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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