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HD Dealership

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Just thought I would post this just by chance someone knows of a Harley Davidson dealership for sale or rumors of one being for sale location open Thanks
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I'd bet the liquidity has to be closer to $5m. Honda, Yamaha start at $1m and go up. The guys that started Killer Creek HD in Roswell GA 9 yrs ago were into the investment for around $15m when it was all done. The building is modest (25k sq ft) compared to today's 50k sq ft dealerships. Imagine what Bruce spent in Daytona. Exposure is much greater than if you started a Euro Brands dealer. Triumph, Ducati, MV, Husky, Benelli along with a Asian Brand like Suzuki or Kawasaki would be much better for year around sales. Live on the ATV stuff during fall and winter and motorcycle sales will follow for spring and summer.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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