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HD Dealership

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Just thought I would post this just by chance someone knows of a Harley Davidson dealership for sale or rumors of one being for sale location open Thanks
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That's why I generally don't have much to do with dealerships. If I want Gen-U-Wine HD parts, I buy online from Chicago HD, they do 20% discount on anything in the catalog for internet sales.

The rest of the time I buy direct or go to a local independent shop. The one dealership that was cool around here started out back in the day as a mom and pop BSA-Triumph dealership. They went to an HD franchise in the early 80's and supported them through the lean times then grew with it to become big time. They remained cool and family until the son who had bought it from the dad a few years ago sold out to a regional multi-line. The first thing the clown did was import his buddies from a Chevy dealership to run the sales dept. with pretty predictable results.

There's still a few old timers there but for the most part it's just another dealer now, the continuity and atmosphere is gone, the only thing I buy from them is used bikes and oil filters and that's because they're right down the road from my work and they're desperate enough to haggle.
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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