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Heads-up display for motorcycle helmets

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I'm sure more than afew of us gadget junkies have thought of this for years. Good on them for trying to sell it.

I don't really like the idea of clamping a display onto the outside of my helmet. It will work better when the helmet manufacturers get on board and have it as a option built in to the liner.

Other ideas could be auto tinting face sheilds, hell they do that with sunglasses so maybe it could transfer to motorcycles.
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Tinting Visors

Two problems with auto-tinting visors. Technically, I don't think they have plastics to the point where they change properly. Phototint eyeglasses are, I believe, all glass. The other problem is if your visor tints in response to bright light, and then you ride into, say, a tunnel or a wooded section, you'd be blinded until the material could respond. Which is probably why you don't find tinting contact lenses.

I think the hot tip will be the technology now showing up in cars and buildings, where the window material is tinted by an electric current.

Maybe we'd have a knob on the side of the hat to dial in how dark we want the visor. And have the knob push in to turn it on and off, so all you'd need to do is touch it to cancel the tint.

As far as the helmet mounted electronics, I'm waiting to see the first cruiser rider with a LCD monitor strapped to the back of his helmet so his pillion can watch a movie. I know somebody must have done it.

That type of passenger should probably stay home. Motorcycling touring is all about being part of your environment and that includes seeing what you are passing through. It is the sad state of this society that people must have cell phones glued to their ears and tv's in front of them every waking moment. I actually saw a guy up at Gold's Gym with one of those boom type cell phone doohickies working out and talking at the same time, oblivious to how loud he was and what a spectacle he was making of himself. He seemed to be talking business and surely must have been full of himself. Thankfully I have only seen this type of behavior at the gym only that one time.
I believe I've heard about BMW working on, or at least playing with, this type of technology. They are the obvious ones to do it, seeing as how they could integrate the electronics into their bikes and helmets. The safety benefits are obvious. If they add a turn signal indicator with the HUD it could even eliminate a common source of frustration driven helmet thumping, driving for miles with a turn signal left on.
If only...

Hmmm. Looking at their site, the GPS unit is mounted to the back of the helmet, and communicates wirelessly to the display. Brain cancer, anyone?

I assume one would be required to buy the satellite units to get the gear position, rpm, heart rate (really!), rate of blood supply to the buttcheeks, movie listings, etc.

I know a couple of guys that'd have problems with this. If the display is supposed to give you the bikes information, having the GPS on their noggin is going to generate errors. 'Cause the guys I'm talking about ride like their heads are in the clouds.

Then again, some of them ride like their heads are REALLY close to the saddle, know what I mean?
Great idea. I'm one of the aforementioned "gadget junkies" thats wanted this for a while.

The other thing I'd really like is a noise cancelling headset built into my helmet to reduce wind noise.

Got the Gold's Gym right. But I agree I hate cell phones in the gym. People who usually use em there are usually marketing BS folks like you Buz. i.e. Full of Themselves.
Cool I want more features.

I want a helmet with built in headsup display, with voice activated menus. I want engine rpm, temp, current gear, speed, signal indicator (if you can't have signal canceling). Want a cell interface along with CD/FM/AM/Satillite Radio, GPS and PDA as well.

All voice activated of course. The helmet should have a pleasant female voice reminding you of things.
"noise cancelling headset"

I forgot about that one, another good idea for the brains that do this stuff. Especially if it can block out those pesky sirens that keep showing up behind me ;)
Can you get a porn channel on that thing?

- cruiz-euro
Re: Noise cancelling in helmets

Noise cancelling does not work well in the currently available systems. Senheiser makes a nice noise attenuating headset with small thin ear pads. I got one, took it apart and mounted the pads in my Arai. It did reduce ambient noise a little bit, but only works on low frequencies. Wind noise is mostly white noise, i.e. rich in medium and high frequencies and was not affected.

I do not know why noise attenuating systems do not work on higher frequencies, but I suspect that it has to do with the wave length and the risk that the "cancelling" signal would too often end up in phase with the noise when it reaches the ear.
Yeah, the HUD on my Phantom came in handy chasing Migs around.

Don't think I'd care for it too much on a bike.
HUDs have come a long way since the F4 days Sarnali........if you ever have a chance to sit in a Super Hornet(or if you a n AF guy,an F16 youll be amazed. But I a'regree with you,a HUD on my helmet would be distracting:be fun to try one though.
HUD stands for...

I rode in an F/A 18 once but in my case HUD stood for Huge Ugly Discharge.

Thank god for barf bags.
Can they also add a voice link to a PDA in the helmet with phone, gps, dvd, xmradio, remote camera, message machine, radar detector, satellite cable. thermostat controls, garage door opener? What, no dvd. On second thought, forget about it. I drop my helmet alot.
Good one I forgot about a radar detector.
Re: HUD stands for...

Yes my B-1 had lots of those.
When they offer the Guns or Missles option.....I'm buying one!
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