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Dual Star heated grip kit

Original Article:
Heated Grips Evaluation

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I have installed these (Heated Grip Kit) from Dual Star on my Suzuki SV650S. Easy installation for solid bars. The only modification I performed was to wrap the left hand bar with some duct tape to act as an insulation layer so the solid bar did not act as a heat sink, reducing the heat through the grip. Discovered that after installing on the bar and noticing the left grip did not get as hot as the right throttle grip.

The article was great. Gives readers an option for heated grips. They do make a huge different in cold weather. And as an added safety feature, because if your hands are cold, in reduces the rider's ability to respond to ever changing road and riding conditions. I especially enjoyed the wicked awesome wiring diagram!!

Ride on, Grasshoppers!!!
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