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Heated Grips - NEED some!

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After spending no time doing research, I decided on the

Aerostich Heated Grip Kit

It was not too hard to install, works really well, and was only $25!
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You can find in some moto-stores (try BMW Dealers, or any Honda shop that sells a buttload of Goldwings) a kit for about the same price, that's similar - but doesn't use that damn resistor for the "low heat". Rather, it uses more than one circuit for each grip heater. It might be $5 more - but you'll spend that in shipping. NOT that I'm sayin' "don't buy from Rider Warehouse" or anything. Just do a bit of lookin' around.
Happy Birthday, Buz! Didja take a celebratory ride yet? (as if I had to ask!)

One of my friends, upon turning 40 decided to "Ride his Age" - that is, made up his mind to attempt to ride 40-different bikes by the time he turned 41. I'm not sure where he's at with it, but he was getting close.

That's a lot of coppin' rides, but he probably was able to knock-out 15 or so from his own revolving stable.
Those be the ones I was talking about!
Yeah, but what am I s'posed to do all Winter in the meanwhile? Masturbate?

Hey, waitaminnit...............
Yeah, but you MN'rs are immune to anything above -40degrees.........
I wasn't going to say it!
1 - 6 of 47 Posts
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