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Heated Grips - NEED some!

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After spending no time doing research, I decided on the

Aerostich Heated Grip Kit

It was not too hard to install, works really well, and was only $25!
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Yeah, but what am I s'posed to do all Winter in the meanwhile? Masturbate?

Hey, waitaminnit...............
"No batteries or plug in"

As in I don't want to have to plug bigass winter gloves in or put batteries in them. Nor do I want the hassle of packing winter gloves wherever I go.
Add a Gerbings heated vest, and you can ride down to 45 degrees with just a longsleeve shirt or even t-shirt under you regular riding jacket. No extra layers needed. My fiancee and I bought some for an upcomming Colorado trip, we've used them several times so far and absolutely love them.
You may fall off. I suggest you get a passenger.
Whoops... they even sell the Heat-troller with them now for an additional $50, and they have a better assortment of switches available now!

I'm tempted to try and get one of their newer switches and switch my bike over.

Problem is that would take motivation and time that could be used to ride!
Eh, I ride with sweatshirt under my riding jacket when it gets cold and I don't have a problem with the temperature. I'm in central MN.
LOL good one.
Yeah, but you MN'rs are immune to anything above -40degrees.........

They make almost every brand (dual star. etc). They go under your stock grips, No change in grip thickness, work well and if you get the round switch they look like they could be OEM ~$40
Damn right!!
I think Buz is closer to 50 now than 40 if I remember right..
kSmouldering hum cute, but too hard to say and spell ksmokey..
I don't know how close I'd be to that. I'm 43 but I don't think I've ridden 40 something bikes. Maybe 30 if you count dirtbikes.

No riding today. The kid is on Spring Break so I took him and his buddies out pimpin' in my car to In and Out Burger.
Is there anything wrong with being 50? I gotta know cause I've got 9 months left! I thought 50 was the new 30:)
Uh oh, childhood obesity string in the works...
+1 Dual Star

I have the Dual Star's with heat trollers on both my bikes. Great product, money well spent. Takes some time to install properly, but once you have them you'll wonder how you got along without them.
Re: +1 Dual Star

Here are a couple of links to very useful pages describing how to install the dual stars
No not at all... Buz hates the thought though.. He see himself as eternally 27 years old...
21 - 40 of 47 Posts
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