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I think that I might have to disagree with you...

Voss is way better than OK, remember he is NOT on a factory backed team.

It makes bring out the new bike for a brief testing session before they campaign it next year. There is not a chance that one of the factory guys is going to ride a completely new bike for just the last race of the season. I hope Honda gives Heath the support that he deserves next year. I really think that he has potential to run in the top 5 consistently, if he had factory support.

Here is the big question, Who will be riding the 450 next year? How many riders? I truly think that Yamaha should have campaigned at LEAST a few pro riders on the 426, instead of just one. If we see quite a few of the top riders on the CR-F, then we can assume one of two things, 1 the CR-F is awesome and they WANT to ride it, 2 Honda is requiring their boys to ride it...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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