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Helimot Leathers Review

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first post!

still cheaper than Dianese? no?

next time I go to San Jose, I'll look them over.
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I thought I was treating myself when I bought an Aerostich - at half the price. And no one has accused them of being cheap.

They are more street oriented, yours is for the track.

To each his own.

I was there the other week (wanted a consultation on adding a full-circumference zip to my existing tecnics, and also to give Helmut a chance to testride my GF's VStrom 650)...

There was a guy picking up an absolutely beautiful new suit. He got himself an MV Agusta F4 Tamburini, and was getting a suit to match.

IT was absolutely beautiful, with an amazing MV logo on the back, and red/yellow/blue flames up the sleeves, legs, and sides. Gorgeous.
Yes, but can you also leap tall buildings in a single bound?

Very nice looking leathers, though quite expensive for us non-racers.
Can anybody make a suit that does not look like a 1998 power ranger? I double dog dare someone to find/make one.
Love that 1st Marine Division patch, be proud of your service Gabe! You've motivated me to put my 82 Airborne patch on my leathers, a thought that I have had for some time, but never got around to it. Semper Fi from an old dogface. :)
Anybody else thinks the top half looks like Domino's delivery shirts? :)

Good review, but I'll stay with my Spidi suit for the next few years, very happy with it. Unless ...

Any timing for publishing the Buell & the 600's story? We only heard which bike won this comparison 2 months ago.
The BMW leathers that were reviewed in July are black/gray. If you're talking about racing leathers, I'm sure Helimot will make plain two-tone ones. Of every mass-produced product in the world, there are always black varieties, as well. Maybe not lemonade.
They sure make beautiful leathers, the last time I attended the CLASS school, Reg Pridmore was wearing a set, and they were fine looking, and according to Reg they were very comfortable, so the next time I have the need and the money, I may have to go that way.
When I lived in San Jose I use to go admire this guys work. Never was able to afford a set but they guys on Hwy 9 with Helimot where always the best.. :)
Nice article Gabe, thanks.

I tried those gloves on yesterday at Santa Rosa BMW. They are really nicely made. I had the same thought about breaking them in, they feel very thick from the foam or gel in the palms and fingers.

I'll stick with the deer sports from Lee Parks for a while longer.
Woof, Woof! Design it yourself...

A careful read and a trip to Helmut's website will show you that he'll make any possible design, from Soviet monochromatic to Peter Maxx freak-out.
I am indeed!

My old battalion (2/7) is in Falluja now, this war stinks but I pray to God every single swinging dic& of them makes it home safe and in one piece.

Buy your patch here:
How did you like the coffee bar/expresso machine there... were they firing up lattes when you visited?
I have the 365 gloves and they are awesome. I had no problem with breakin. Perfect right out of the package. If these ever wear out, I'll be back for more.

Yes - it's called Vanson. And, the quality is unrivaled. With due respect to Helmut and his product. Also expensive.
No, it was self serve 7-11 style. I did get a real mug though.
I was in San Jose last spring and had a set of custom leathers made at Helimot. I have been using them for track days all summer and am very happy with them. Perfect fit with great quality and durability. Luckily no crashes so far. The leathers allow me much more mobility than other leathers I was using due to the perfect fit. I doubt if I would try and order custom leathers without visiting the store as they did a ton of measurements and they have the experience to get it right the first time. These leathers are pricey but you get what you pay for.
Vanson Leathers = protection and service

I crashed while racing in a set of off the rack leathers that busted open when the seams let go. Somehow I didn't lose any skin as I tumbled to my other side as I slid on the pavement. The threads holding the leathers seams actually busted as you could see the thread didn't break due to pavement grinding if off. The whole left side of the suit, from my hip down my left leg opened up!

I went out and spent all I had on a set of Vanson Leathers the next business day. As all the racers in the east coast have shown that these leathers can take the abuse and come back for more.

So newbie racers don't be like me and throw your money away on lower cost leathers that take one hit and blow apart. Get REAL racing leathers from Vanson, Helimot or Z.

Racing is expensive so buy the right stuff first.

Broke guy in New England
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