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Hey everybody.
I'm new to street bikes, and new to this website or any other website having to do with motorcycles.
When I was riding dirt bikes and enduro / dual sport 2-strokers, the internet wasn't a thing for most people, and I was learning everything solo or word-of-mouth among friends.
That was 30 years ago.

So now for the last few years I've been bitten by the bug to get a motorcycle, and I've been browsing dealers, pawn shops, and even looking at those cheap Chinese bikes that are basically disposable-- not worth fixing if anything major goes wrong after the short factory warranty. I've been kicking tires for a few years. Kept up my motorcycle license even though I haven't ridden anything requiring one since about 1994, and that was on a borrowed bike.

Oh, wait. I did test-drive a used 150cc scooter that an individual was selling from a classified ad. You needed a class M license for that, since it's over 50 cc. I didn't like the small size and the lack of power -- it couldn't climb hills with my fat (then maybe 240 lbs) butt on it. On level ground it topped out at about 35 mph.

So eventually I found a 25 year old HONDA SHADOW V-Twin 1100c for sale, with a new clutch and tires, but in need of carburetor work, for $900. Had an experienced friend and part-time mechanic check it out and test ride it. I bought it and he rode it home for me; I followed in my Honda CR-V. I didn't want my first ride on it to be in heavy Atlanta traffic during rush hour. I waited until a lazy Sunday afternoon to get the feel of it at a closed-down (out of business) shopping mall and then riding quiet surface streets with 45 mph speed limits.

It's now been 3 weeks and 300 miles since I bought it, and I've put on about 250 of those miles myself. Just finished an advanced riders' safety and maneuvering course with ProRider Atlanta (Buford, up near Lake Lanier north of Atlanta). I acquired a set of leathers and a 3/4 open-faced helmet (for most riding, that's what I'll use. I still have a Bell full-face helmet in the garage somewhere, but I prefer the more open view, and I'll put up with wind noise. I only want to go up to 85 MPH, and that's only when passing somebody on the interstate. If I'm not passing anybody, I'll settle in to an appropriate speed not more than 10 mph over the speed limit. I prefer surface roads and state highways to the big 4-lane U.S. highways and interstates.

One day when my bike is running right, I'll be looking to join a group ride, maybe do a poker run or something.
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