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Hello, (Suzuki, Yamaha) Help!! (Question please help).

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Hello everyone, My name is Tore Johnson I live in the middle of Denmark a place called Viborg. Im 17 years old and we just moved to Denmark from Norway. So my brother is finishing school together with my dad up in norway. Meanwhile me, my mother and my sister continue here in Denmark. We moved all things down to Denmark in our new house. So my bigbrother had this Suzuki that he hardly never used since he always stayed inside playing computer. Now its standing here in Denmark no one using it,and no one is gonna use it for the next year. So I was thinking, why not learn this by my own. Can't be that hard, I have never ridden a motorcycle before.

So I started; I took the bike outside, put on the helmet, and fitting it for my head. I tried different combinations to start it. Atlast I learned how to properly start it and keep it running..

What now?:p
I have it started, then I try hold the "cobling" in and change "stance" gear.. But which one should I change it into? there is 2 clicks up front and 1 click to the back?

So its the first one up? or first one down?

When I have done that, set it in the first click I slowly let go of the "cobling" and suddenly it moves a bit then stops. Like rappitly, I cant get it to just normally start slowly and drive? Why?

What is going on, please someone tell me what to do?
I just set it in the first click ? and then slowly let go of the "cobling" and then give gas? It doesnt work, ive tried it like 200times now. :/

Maybe its the wrong gear? (Maybe I should use the first one behind?) or the first one up?

By clicks I mean, the metal thing you can bend when your "cobling" is pressed down. If I try press is down without "cobling" in it cant move, or it can but sounds like im destroying the bike..

Please help all proriders out there.

Tore Johnson..
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Glad to help Tore, you see the round chrome thing in the middle of the gas tank? first you unscrew that, light a match and hold it inside to see if there's any gas.....

When you get home from the clinic, tell your brother someone stole his bike and see if he'll split the insurance money with you.
And the "Moderator of The Month" award goes to....
punching the lever down once when the neutral light is on should put you in first gear. Pulling up will shift to hight gears.

You really should find someone experienced to help you out and take a basic riders course.

I responded to your private email. Check it and get back to me.
Now I know why Donald Sutherland was pointing at.............

"HOLY! Didja just see that guy go through the wall on that Suzuki?!!"
Okay, I may be fairly new but this sounds downright reckless. Even if you get the thing going, you're liable to smash into a wall (or whatever holds up buildings in Denmark). So read some books, take a course, and for you're own sake don't do something stupid.
To make an Omolete de Mioleira, you gotta break-open and scramble a few eggs. And a skull. Can't forget the skull.
I would love some serious answers but ok, everything works. I'll have to call Kenneth_Moore then, he sounds like a nice person willing to help stranded people. I just wanna know which way I put the gear into? I can easily start it, I can easily get it running without going anywhere. But then Im missing "How to make it go".. The bike doesnt move anywhere when I change it into first gear or whatever it is, I let slowly go of the "cobling" and it says: CLICK, I can feel that the chain hooked onto the motor or something. I let slowly go and it trys to go but just stops rapitly. :/ Maybe wrong gear?

Since its the same with a car, you cant start a car in 3third gear.

I am willing to help you, but seriously, the advice you're getting about having someone who rides help you in person is the right thing to do. There must be someone around who would give you some lessons and do a safety check on the bike for you. We'd like to keep you as a "MoFo" for more than your first ride or two!

Call me, let's talk.

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