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Hells Angels Adds Club in Norway.

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Do they ride Valkyries?
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Will the patch say Hell's Angels Norge on the back?
The police should take away their oil heaters - that'l slow 'em down.
Up there, they read the reviews that talk about heat production from under the fairings as GOOD news....
Fairings? Harley's have no fairings. Perhaps you're thinking of one of those "sissy" munky-humpin'-a-football sportbiker groups.

H-A only allows REAL motorcycles in their club - not Japanese-made toys..........
That is a first post. Well done.

Now say something about a Rune.
Is that you, bigdx?
Oh yeah, almost forgot to add the html closer:

No, my dx is just itty-bitty.
Look for the aftermarket to produce chrome "shield racks."

If I was a motorcycle club in coastal England, I'd be scared.
AirHawk the only honest MOron :)
First time with my Wife, she asked me "WHO you think you're gonna please with THAT lil' ol' thing?"

Aren't most Hell's Angels in their 60's now? They could claim that all that white hair is caused by frost.
Re: Hells Angels smoke ludafisk!

"Police Chief Truls Fyhn said. "I won't rule out that someone will now try to take over the narcotics market in northern Norway."

Would that be injectable ludafisk? Wooden clogs smoked in ice-bongs? Those crazy norsemen...
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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