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Hells Angles Marks Milestone.

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Let's put KWalterMitty in a cake and send it to them.
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That would be a Mistake. Those guys never give-up a Grudge willingly. Not that I care what happens to the GMP - but what about US?
If I show up on a Jawa 90 will I get punched or stabbed?

Maybe I'll bring a pink 150 Dreamcycle with whitewalls...
I'm going on my wooden Indian.
I'd recomend showing up on a chopped Kawasaki Vulcan and wearing a JC Pennys cut off jeans jacket with a Mongols club patch on it.

That way you won't have to worry if you'll just be punched or just be stabbed.
It's a black and white world homes...
We could send it anonymously C.O.D.
Surprisingly few posts and not a word from Kwhatever or some of the other more opinionated/vocal posters. Makes one just ponder it all...
At first I thought this was a story about some outlaw geometry professors.
Ah, the good old days of fistfights with policemen and murdering other motorcyclists who belong to different clubs.
I'd rather send them a daisy cutter.
Sending kook in a kake would be much crueler.
How about we kompromise and send them Kook on a daisy kutter a la Dr Strangelove?
They might track it back to us anyway, using the Hells Angels' Satellite..........
"Hells Angles Marks Milestone."

That's acute headline.
Aw, c'mon - they're rugged individualists, like our famous American cowboys.
You suppose Eddie Griffin might Crash their party?
Aw, C'mon! Not even a Grimace?
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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