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Hells Angles Marks Milestone.

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Let's put KWalterMitty in a cake and send it to them.
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"It's the 50th birthday of the Oakland chapter of the Hells Angels"

Awesome. So when is the big KKK bash? Did they ever get that hall-rental conflict ironed out with the PLO?
Don't be obtuse.
It's booked-solid with Black Panther Parties for the next six months................
We're sending Gabe - since he lives in Oakland - to get the party pictures. Hopefully no one will scratch his razor scooter... Wear the Aerostich for protection buddy!

Very acute wit there schiz.
I'm not invited?!?!?!?

That's too bad. I've always wanted to be part of a gigantic group of dirtbags.

It would be nice if they could all get together and ride "lemming style"off an unfinished bridge into the bay.
An apt comparison, although maybe the gold-rushers are a better one. I didn't make that up myself though, I was referring to the article. The president of the charter who was interviewed spent time in prison for murdering a motorcyclist in another "club" and in the interview reminisced about large scale fistfights with police.
One thing I can say for you is you're rarely obtuse.
Please just move along.
Judean's People Front?
There was a group of 50 or so 1%ers waiting in a parking lot in town yesterday. Up comes a guy to join them riding a wheelie down a main street on his bagger.

It's a funny feeling that you get when you see a "real" gang of bikers. It isn't a good idea to joke around about being a dentist. It would also not cross my mind to pass this group on a long straight two laner. If people consider all of us in the same bike clan then they have good reason to complain about the noise and behavior. These riders were the absolute crust of the riding bread and their bikes were for riding. What color black would you like? Loudest group of bikes I've heard on the street.

The long wheelie on the glide was cool, you riding yesterday?
21 - 31 of 31 Posts
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