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Helmet Law Repeal Stats

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just wear a helmet.
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Didn't we just do the Helmet-No Helmet story not to long ago. This is like Watching Jerry Springer or Maury on ratings day.

A couple of questions though:

Where does it say you have the constitutional right to or not to wear a helmet? Everybodies always going on about their rights...The Governement says you have to have a license to operate a vehicle, no one about that. The govenment mandates safer vehicles,,,no one about that.

Everyone wants the government to do something about Healthcare, the costs, prescriptions prices...

Everyone wants the government to keep gas (crude oil) prices down...

Everyone wants the govenment to keep American Jobs,,,American.

Everyone wants the government to do for them what will benefit them financially, healthwise, employment related,,,

Yet let the government say you Have to wear a helmet when you ride a motorcycle, FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY...and people go brain dead. You'd swear we were talking about abortion, human rights, gun control,,,

It's just a HELMET...Is it too much to ask...Now there should be some conssessions that go along with it just like with cars...Damaged, worn or old helmets should get replacement coverage from insurance companies, Buying the safest, most up to date helmet should get a rebate from insurance.

Face shields shouldn't cost $30-60, and should get a deductible like windshields...Why does a High quality Helmet cost $300-500??? Manufacturer's liability???

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1 - 1 of 186 Posts
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