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Helmet Law Repeal Stats

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just wear a helmet.
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Re: Try this potential scenario

Oh my gosh, all you guys could be in Bush's cabinet you're so smart.

The Bone
There is so much wisdom going down on this subject that if we all really concentrate (like they did back at woodstock to stop the rain;-) then maybe we could pass some of our wisdom on to politicians and, even better, professionals.

We could develop a pill that contains our wisdom. We could help make this such a great (Disney kinda) place to live. And while we're at it we could acquire some of the humanity back we've lost because of the fact that our identity and purpose is an aggregation of our consumption habits.

Anyone interested in talking about why people can just go into a post office and shoot everybody?

Just talk bikes....

The Bone
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1 - 2 of 186 Posts
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