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Helmet Law Repeal Stats

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just wear a helmet.
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Would you play football without one? I doubt it!

Just a thought here but the average direct collision in a head to head tackle in a football might have a combined speed of 30 mph. Would you do this without a helmet?

Now would you do 60/80/200 mph on a bike without one. Would you drive bare headed and bare ass through the forest without one.

Would you roadrace on a track without one? Even though the track is not filled with guard rails, telephone poles, and idiots driving cars and talking on cell phones cutting you off?

If you ride without a helmet you're a moron! If you ride without a helmet AND no proper insurance then you're a moron who is going to end up costing me and the rest of the taxpayers money to pay for you're drool cup!
1 - 1 of 186 Posts
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