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Helmet Law Repeal Stats

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just wear a helmet.
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ABATE in Massacusetts is working on repealing the helmet law here. Most of the action is forced by the fact that most harley riders are riding with beanie novelty helmets here in the state and are getting pulled over and ticketed for an illegal helmet. Seeing how the court system has no legal definition of a legal helmet all you need is a dot sticker. Still the state police write tickets. We know it's more harashment than trying to save lives.

My biggest problem with open face helmets is the parachute effect with the wind pulling on the helmet over 45mph without a windshield. Full face helmets on a slow ride down mainstreet on a 90F hot summer day is not fun.

On the Duc the full face goes on because I ride the bike with sport in mind. I also geek out in full leathers, race boots and gloves. I look like a power ranger but I point to the rash on the left side from a past low side and smile. Ever notice how trends force saftey better than laws. No one rides a bicycle now without a helmet. It's too uncool.

Ever notice that kid's on sport-bikes spend $500 on a helmet and wear a nylon windbreaker and sweat pants. HD riders spend $500 on leather jacket, pants and gloves and no helmet.
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Anyone want to comment on Britain's ban on dark face shields. Now what if that was passed in your state? Not only did they ban them from the street but are prosecuting store owners for selling them. Just to save fools from riding with them on at night. When does it end.
1 - 2 of 186 Posts
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