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Helmet Law Repeal Stats

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just wear a helmet.
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This should really be a non-issue. I, personally, wear a helmet. Aside from the obvious safety issue, much more comfortable than being pelted with bugs, rain, cigarettes, ashes, wind, rain, and all the other road debris. In addition to all this, the wind noise, watery eyes, and the wind burn. I can't imagine riding without. Think of taking a long trip in your car, at 70mph, with your head sticking out the window the whole way. Not very appealing, eh? If all this appeals to you, more power to you, brother, and good luck. I'll never stand in the way of your personal freedom. HOWEVER, do not ask for me to pay for your medical bills, or subsidise the cost of your insurance. It is very easy to prove statistically that there are more, and more severe injuries recieved by going helmetless. Just as the evil insurance companies are allowed to charge extra for teenage male drivers (paid my dues many years ago), and smokers, they should also be allowed to charge more for helmetless riders. And if you have no insurance, Joe Public shouldn't have to pay for YOUR choice. Emergency rooms should be allowed to refuse service to the uninsured, as long as it's coming out of OUR wallet. There, wasn't that simple?
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Re: GRRRRR....

Actually, YOURS is the assinine argument. Are we all supposed to drive around in armored Brinks trucks or bullet/bomb/impact-resistant limo's instead of motorcycles just so that when some bozo hits us, we won't cost HIM too much money? You must be joking.
Re: A few words from some prominent people.....

You're totally missing the point. Benjamin means liberties in general. Any and all being just as important.
Re: You heartless conservative!

Hi Abe. Here's an idea:

Maybe everybody should be required to carry a card showing ALL assets. Equity in a home, or automobiles, bikes, coins, 401k's, whatever. Willful omissions/falsifications in this form are punishable by mandatory jail time. This way, if the guy comes in in need of care, with no insurance, all their assets are confiscated untill the debt is paid, or a bankruptcy hearing is held. If the guy truly is insolvent, with no hope of ever paying his debts, the doctors are free to spend their OWN time and money fixing them up. How's that?
Re: Nope, can

Abe, I'm humbled..... Would an Excursion do, instead?
Re: An example of "freedom"-from-helmet groups

I went to the link myself. What a load of sh*t. I even e-mailed them and flamed them on their lies and misinformation. I told them that while I'll defend the rights of fellow bikers to have the freedom of choice, the "articles" and "studies" on their site were blatant bullsh*t. "Sim-sickness" from the weight of wearing a helmet? Ridiculous. Broken necks from wearing a helmet? Maybe, but at those g-loadings, without the helmet the head would be squashed like a melon, so it's irrelevant. So basically I told them, while I'll defend the right to ride free, I'm 110% against their chosen path of lies and deceit.
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