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Helmet Law Repeal Stats

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just wear a helmet.
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well after every ride my helmut is consumed with bug and guts and rock chips, me I'll never understand anyone wanting to ride without one. But for arguments sake how many head injuries do we have in automobile accidents. let some legislature try and pass a law where car riders must wear helmuts and see how far it gets. its like the seatbelt laws, I don't want to wear them. I hate them, but we all take chances in life and to a certain degree it should be up to us as to the extent of chance we are willing to take. Skiers. Skydivers, Mountain climbers and on and on, hikers not armed against potential dangerous animals. The point is what amount of risk can you live with and should you be able to make the choice, in this country I think so. IMHO
1 - 1 of 186 Posts
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