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Helmet Law Repeal Stats

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just wear a helmet.
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Re: Natural selection

Unfortunately, when than idiot becomes a vegetable because he wasn't wearing a helmet, natural selection doesn't do its thing. He ends up getting parked in a hospital bed and after he has bankrupted his family, becomes a ward of the state. Too bad society would never permit the live-free types to sign away their rights to endless medical care.
Car Helmet Law OK

Car helmet laws are OK by me. I once put my head through a windshield when I came around a corner on a remote public road and encountered a boulder in the middle of the road. Car (an old MG) had just belts, no harnesses. Fortunately, I and my passenger were wearing my motorcycle helmets. The reason for this is long-winded, but the unexpected (no one ever expects to use a helmet today) results were further testimony to how nice a helmet is in that instant when you wish you were wearing one.

Riders wearing helmets have fewer neck injuries, presumably because some of the shock that reaches the neck goes through the head. Maybe a helmet would have allowed him to go bolil his nuts again in Daytona.
Avoiding the need for helmet laws

One of the ironic things about the rhetoric of some anti-helmeters is that it actually increases the likelihood of helmet laws. All that happy horsesh*t about helmets breaking necks, restricting hearing, overheating your brain, turning you into a veggie instead of letting you suffer a quick, clean death, etc., etc. leads some of those less informed souls who believe these logical-sounding-but-wrong axioms to shun helmets in the belief that they are protecting themselves. So fewer people wear them and more people die and--more importantly--suffer devastating, debilitating injuries that could have been avoided with a helmet, and more boor-o-crats and families with dead or disabled loved ones scream for helmet laws. Don't try to talk people who might choose to wear helmets out of doing so; they are helping your cause. The simple, honest argument against helmet laws--"I don't like to wear a helmet, and I don't believe that this is the kind of country where we tell people they must protect themselves"--is the best. But don't spread potentially damaging BS to try to make a false point.
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1 - 4 of 186 Posts
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