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Helmet Laws and Tiered Licensing?

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300,000+ a year die from being sedentary in the U.S...

That whole "cost to society" thing has been thoroughly debunked, repeatedly... almost every time it comes up on "helmet" posts. I can understand new MOrons having not seen it yet, but what I find curious are those that have been around here awhile making the same BS arguments for OTHERS to do something, over and over. I'm fighting for Freedom and Liberty, their cause is MY safety? Thanks, really, but mind your own business.

For the "newbies", yes, I almost always wear a full face helmet. I find them more comfortable at highway speeds.

Want to wear a helmet/gear? Go right ahead. No? That's fine too.
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By that definition count me in too. Good site there Van but ouch, so much Heavy reading lately. I'm still dazed from the Manage-o-speak thread, MO's getting deep.

Think I'll try to find that international newspaper political cartoon site again, see what's on the mind of that other 95% of the World's population.
Re: Let's give that nag another whack, shall we......

Re: What's most important

That would be Pat Robertson of course, possibly my Favorite Jesus Freak, he's a riot! Did you know he could leg press 2000 lbs? Yoda could kick the [email protected] outta us!

Catch the front running candidate for CHANGE yelling with a yelling and cheering crowd and then have the crowd noise electronically removed making him look like an idiot? Play continuously for days on ALL news channels until the guy drops out and the "fix" can be on, again?

Now the BAD news... better make that February '09... maybe we shouldn't pay them to campaign for their next job until, say, three months before the election? Be a lot easier to make that case if anything of Major Importance was going on these days...
Re: What's most important

Neither party's front running candidates (announced and otherwise) are worth a damn IMHO. Hope that the circumvention of the Electoral College goes through, Dems/Repubs both have major intrinsic flaws IMO.

Willing to bet calling someone a Neo-Con (P.N.A.C.) will be fighting words soon, in jail or hell. Could just be wishful thinking.

Vonnegut's newest is GOOD.
Re: Enough with the Half-Measures

Tried to moderate your post to intelligent (and a few others) but my "moderator" seems broke, Conspiracy!
1 - 8 of 125 Posts
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