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Helmet Laws and Tiered Licensing?

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Re: Helmets are good.

Mine has horns, a pink mohawk, and moos when I yank on the pull chain.
Well I am an anarchist. The etymology of the word anarchy comes from the Greek language, an meaning no or without, and archos meaning dictator. There are plenty of good models for a government free society. If any of the readers of this site want to become educated on the matter I would recommend that you go to and type anarchy in their search engine. If you wish to remain the ignorant whining vassals of a group of corrupt sleaze ball politicians please do me a favor and shut the FU(K up! I ask this only as a courtesy as you have a right to your opinion no matter how spineless you are.
Yes, beaten whey beyond recognition. But if I may, let me simply add that licensing originated with and continues to be all about revenue generation. The rationale used to justify this confiscatory process has always been and continues to be the "public welfare". Our elected guardians understand that laws are only obeyed by those who they were not intended to control to begin with. Tiering will not resolve anything, nor does it have anything to do with the the reality that more cyclists than we care to admit ride without MC endorsements in the first place. This process is then abetted by dealers who, regrettably, can legally sell to non-endorsed buyers. And, of course, the entire fiasco is compounded by buyers, whether endorsed or not, who ride as if the parkways are their own personal racetracks. I suggest roving Sikorsky CH-53E's with salad pincers. The dump site can be those bottomless erosion pits in the jungles of Brasil. I see no other solution to ridding ourselves of our pathologically self-indulgent and self-destructive brothers.
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I believe a law should be passed that, for the first 10,000 miles, new riders must ride only Honda 50 Cubs, running Pennzoil 10W-40, on Cheng Shin tires while wearing fullface helmets with unremovable DOT and Snell stickers.

Japan has both helmet laws and tiered licensing. They also have an excellent medical progam for its people. I was there for 12 yrs. and saw how it worked . I thought it worked well (but you must considered the social and ethical dynamics of a culture as well.) As US military over there I was somewhat subjected to the same laws the time I was licensed. I started out w/ anHonda XL250R and later bought a Sportster 1200S. I had to do a review of the MSF (mandatory for all US service members).

"For example, California ($32billion) probably should have it, Florida ($0) probably shouldn't"

Which I agree with totally and should go for the younger folks too.

One advantage (how ever minor) with a national tiered system is that it would open up a whole new market for motorcycling andas well as a bunch of cool little bikes that you would only find in areas w/ such a licensing program. Ther are many bikes in Japan that I would just love to have but can't due tho the non-availability of them and the problem w/ importing them.
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Apparently not so spineless as to yank your chain using my own actual name and call you on your inverterate cowardice in stating yours.
i'm in favor of helmet laws and tiered licensing. enough motorcyclists are proving their inability to protect themselves and others through good decision making, and so i find some regulated measures to be necessary to prevent them from injuring others or becoming a strain on society. extra training, basic compulsory safety gear. we have learners' permits (extra training) and seat belt laws (basic safety gear) for cars...
Re: Helmets are good.

there you go makin me jealous
It's People! Soylent Green is PEOPLE!!
Re: Helmets are good.

I've been thinkin' about gettin' myself one of them "Skull Helmets", mebbe with some glowing LED eyes and sh!t. Something that just reeks of Class.

I should be Mobil1 15w50, and no other............
I'd go even farther and say that the majority of those who oppose helmet laws actually wear helmets themselves.
By that definition count me in too. Good site there Van but ouch, so much Heavy reading lately. I'm still dazed from the Manage-o-speak thread, MO's getting deep.

Think I'll try to find that international newspaper political cartoon site again, see what's on the mind of that other 95% of the World's population.
Re: Let's give that nag another whack, shall we......

If you want to do something that will reduce motorcyclist fatalities far more than helmet laws and tiered licensing will, then you need to look at tougher automobile license requirements. They're killing us and we're asking ourselves how it's our fault.

Hey, here's an idea - let's reduce the number of rapes by requiring women to wear chastity belts.
Enron happen WITH SEC. Hello?

The government can't cure stupidity or evil.
DUH! Any one at HOME?

They're killing us and we're asking ourselves how it's our fault.

schizuki NAILED it

Is anyone listening????
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