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Helmet Laws and Tiered Licensing?

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Re: Enough with the Half-Measures

Amen! That danger extends to hammers, sting rays, bullett ants, plastic bags, roofs, kitchen appliances, LA's air, WV roads, public toilets and a million other things. Just when do we risk letting go of life? Who decides for me what risks are worth taking?
Re: Enough with the Half-Measures

Tried to moderate your post to intelligent (and a few others) but my "moderator" seems broke, Conspiracy!
Re: What's most important

Just in time for the real trouble to begin.
Life Kills. There outta be a Law..........
Saves having to buy another tool.
Actually - scratch that!

No self-respecting gearhead would EVER forego the chance to "Buy Another Tool™". In fact, I can't believe it was ME that actually typed that statement.......... (musta been someone else logged-in under my account, when I find 'em.......)

That sticker HAD to have originated from the experiences of either a) A Woman. or b) Some limpwrist accountant-type that couldn't pour P!ss out of a Boot if the instructions was hot-stamped on the heel in three-inch-high blockprint........
DD-214 = Department of Defense form #214. It's an Armed Services form documenting a person's time in the Military, including Branch, Rank, Induction and Discharge dates, and time spent Active, Inactive, Reserve, and Inactive Reserve (as applicable) and a few other things I can't recall at the moment. But that's the Gist of it.

Sort of like a "Military Diploma", but with more detail than just "This person was in the Military".
"What kind of helmet is THAT?"

"It's the new Icon 'Hankie' - it carries the SNOT 2010 rating, first helmet awarded as such........."
If it saves just ONE Squid........
Re: Also see this about injuries

Well, that certainly sounds as if it blows the ABATE "Wearing a helmet will keep you from being killed, but make you a Vegetable and Ward of the State for the rest of your life!" argument to Hell and Gone, eh?
"When we accept human nature for what it is and understand that laws are not obeyed by those they are written to control, we will be closer to realistically addressing this issue. "

OH, yeah. A certain un-named ____-Dakota Senator suddenly springs to mind.........

(among hundreds of OTHER Elected Officials)
Re: Enough with the Half-Measures

Bathtubs and Showers are the MOST Dangerous things in the Home - we should ban Bathing altogether........
In this case, it doesn't work worth a damn. They all puke out far too many offspring before they die. Ignorance and proliferation begets more ignorant dummies ignorance than we can kill off through natural selection, especially when they all marry their cousins.
Re: Enough with the Half-Measures

Or some combination of bathing together in our altogether, altogther. Excuse me, I smell popcorn.
Maybe Icon will put a box of Hankies in cycle mag ads instead of those million page catalogs. Attach them with magazine snot. At least you'd get some use out of it.
Re: Enough with the Half-Measures

Butter? Or Caramel?
I think he used to be a hired killer for the CIA, but there was this accident, and he can't remember anything.
Hey, what is this unrecognizable mass of meat, bones, and hair that I just can't stop hitting. Somebody please! Make me stop! I'm beggin ya!
101 - 120 of 125 Posts
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