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It really is portuguese


I'm a brazilian and I can assure you this is portugues with the accent typicial from Portugal, where, contrary to the one spoke in Brazil, links one word to the next, eliminating the gaps (like the french do) - which sound difficult to foreingners.

Anyway, here's the translation:

This is a cranium similar to any motorcyclist's.

This is a helmet simitar to any motorcyclist's.

[Bang on the cranium. Bang on the helmet.]

As you see: it is worth obeying the law. Text: It is worth obeying the law.

The original says:

Este é um crânio igual ao de qualquer motociclista.

E este é um capacete igual ao de qualquer motociclista

E este é um acidente semelhante a um acidente motociclístico

Bang. Bang.

Como vê: mais vale cumprir o código. Texto: mais vale cumprir o código.

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Re: It really is portuguese

Yes, it is Portuguese and the translation is correct. I haven't used much Protuguese in 30 years, and I struggled with this guy's heavy Portuguese accent, as opposed to a Brazilian accent. I had just finished translating it when I saw this post. It is a motorcycle safety ad.

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Another reason to not oppose helmet laws

I think the video speaks for itself. If you don't wear a helmet Doctor Death will find you with his sledge hammer. What say you three stooges of MO (Longride,Buzglyd, and seruzawa)???? :)

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he starts saying:

this is an ordinary skull, just like any other.

this is an ordinary helmet, like any other.

this is an ordinary accident (meaning the hammer), like any other.


better follow the traffic rules...
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