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Helmets are law again in Louisiana

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Well, maybe here is a good one to start with. Because Illinois does not have a helmet law states can be gathered on deaths with helmets and death without helmets.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look at the motorcycle death stats (three links at the top of the page will give you numbers for 2000, 2001, and 2002):

Illinois helmet and non helmet motorcycle deaths 2000-2002

I don't know what happened in 2002 but riders seemed to learn something. An anomaly maybe? Kind of strange.

I for one can tell you I am in the overwhelming minority in this state wearing a helmet. I'm not even going to get in to the number of people I see riding in flip-flops. I just think about my little piggys getting caught in the spokes, having 500 lbs of motorcycle fall and slide on them, or slipping off the peg and grinding on the asphalt and I literally cringe.
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The only hard numbers I can come up with are that people die every day, every way imaginable. My lifetime of firefighting and ambulance work will tell you that. They die protected and unprotected. They die happy and sad. They die young and old. They die at weddings and funerals. If I really looked to be safe on the roads, I guess I would get a 5 star safety rated car with side airbags, wear my seatbelt, have a helmet on in the car with full armored protective gear, and never drive 1 mile an hour over the speed limit. Now that's safety. All of you will do the same, right? No? We need laws then. I would also limit my travel to and from work to limit the exposure to danger. We need laws for that too. Anyone that does any less than that is risking injury or death unnecessarily, and that cannot be tolerated in any way. Oh, about the firefighter thing. I shouldn't have done that job either because of the risk of death or injury. Should have taken a desk job so the closest I could get to a real injury is a paper cut. Is a helmet safer? Sure. How much? Nobody knows. Is a car safer than a motorcycle? Absolutely. Why are we riding these things then? Because we love it. If you love riding without a helmet, do it. If you like riding with one. Do that. Let's not pretend that one is not going to die and the other is.
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Too bad governments haven't legislated the common sense to drive a car instead of doing stupid shyt like riding a motorcycle, eh?
Helmet laws, like KPaul, always need another beating.
Did you ever hear him say to her you should have taken the car?
You must have me confused with somebody else. Show me where I said people were no safer with a helmet than without one. Using the Michael Moore approach on this one JB?
Re: you're clouding the issue.

I'm not clouding anything. Contrary to your personal opinion, motorcycles are NOT as safe as cars, even if you pay attention and wear good equipment. That is equivelent to saying you are safer not wearing a helmet. If she rode or was a passenger on a motorcycle then she is accepting a higher risk of being injured or killed. If yo ucan't accept the risk, don't get on the bike. Sorry if you don't like my choice to go without when I want. from what I understand, you don't have that choice.
Where have I IMPLIED it?? LOL Boy your just reaching for straws now JB. First you said stop telling you helmets aren't safer, and since I never said that now I IMPLIED it. Classic liberal bullshyt served up cold. Hey I bet you got lots of kids interested in motorcycles in your motojourno days. Do you congratulate yourself for every one of those kids that got injured or died? At least the kid that took me to heart wasn't brain dead to begin with. Sheesh.
Re: It doesn't matter if it's dangerous or not!

I think JB and KP want to have their prophylactics checked by the authorities for proper installation before engaging in any type of government approved fornication. Stay out west in LaLa land guys.
Actually dynamite with short fuses would be better. No chance of just losing an arm or leg.
Let's think a little more. Take this test. Is riding a motorcycle or driving a car more dangerous? Encouraging, excusing, condoning or defending riding a motorcycle is dangerous and irresponsible. If you want to do it, fine, please don't encourage others to do so. I'm only now beginning to see how the liberal mind operates.
Re: It doesn't matter if it's dangerous or not!

Back the government up the the size it was in 1900, and I think we would have a good start. More laws create more agencies that create more lobbying to create more laws to create more agencies. Gotta say one thing here. I have read your stuff in magazines since I was a kid JB. I respect your opinions and thoughts, even though I don't agree with some of them. I think it's pretty cool chatting with a guy I thought was a really good moto journo and read most of his stuff through the years. Gotta say the Internet is only really cool cause the Gov hasn't touched it. Yet. Let's hope they don't get here too soon, or we will have to wear helmets to type! LOL
Re: It doesn't matter if it's dangerous or not!

Yes, I read The Concrete Jungle. Yes, some agencies are here to protect us, but protecting me from harmful products and polluters, and protecting me from myself are two different animals IMO. I think todays society sees too many needs for self-protection, and I rail against those. I think it goes something like the more idiot proof you make something, the more you become an idiot. Lets clear up that other issue. Yes, helmets are safer than not. No, I still don't want a law saying I have to wear one. Yes, I do wear a helmet 80% of the time. I also choose not to wear it and like the fact I can choose, adn would hope that you would be on the side of choice.
Re: It doesn't matter if it's dangerous or not!

I already know how it came about. The point was the govt hasn't seen fit to tie up the internet with 100 bullshyt laws. It grew beyond them too quickly to regulate effectively. If and when they get around to regulation, this will start to suck like everything else they "fix".
Never know how screwed up Canada really was until you spoke up. Is that really your stance on life? Acts deemed dangerous by the government could be banned and everything is cool with you? I don't mean to offend anyone, but anyone that thinks like that doesn't deserve the right to do anything but work and pay taxes.
Re: It doesn't matter if it's dangerous or not!

Tell me which laws they have enacted that "suck for you". I mean real laws. Not discussions of laws, or France vs. Yahoo, like we give a f&ck about France anyway. i'm pretty stupid, so enlighten me on just what laws have been enacted that make the internet suck for you. Please be specific.
Super Bill for President

Nice rant Billy. You got my vote.
Re: It doesn't matter if it's dangerous or not!

All I was saying was the end-user has not really been affected by any internet laws yet. Yes, they will get around to censorship, registration, identification, and taxation for the whole deal. Just look at TV and radio. Good info on the coming trends though.

Looks like your old brain never worked right to begin with. At least if I end up in a "veggitative state", I got 47 good years out of mine. You certainly can't say that. As for being an idiot for not wearing a helmet, I can assure you that your an idiot with it on OR off. Actually, I think your an idiot for riding a motorcycle to begin with. See how much fun calling people names can be??
How about if you are found exceeding the speed limit, or stunting on the street, or even making an illegal turn and get hurt. Would the insurance companies have to pay up then, considering that all those acts are ILLEGAL and to ride without a helmet is not? How about people that need extensive skin grafts because they weren't wearing proper protective gear? How about the guy that wears all his gear, but has no training and runs offthe road and gets hurt? Should they pay then?
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