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My state (Connecticut) has "safety stops" for the sole purpose of nabbing seatbelt violators. When I stop at one of these roadblocks, I wait until the officer walks over to my car and I make a big show of UNBUCKLING my seat belt. When the officer asks why, I tell him that I wear a seatbelt by personal choice, and that I am highly offended by state sponsored intimidation that does not allow me to make that choice. When he mentions a ticket, I advise him that I will not pay the ticket, will not show up in court, and will not respond to the bench warrant for failure to appear. When I am next stopped by the law I will be arrested under the bench warrant and hauled off to the pokey. I will plead truthfully to all charges, will refuse to pay any fines levied, and will therefore likely end up in prison, where I will be raped by some guy named Bubba, contract aids, and die a slow and miserable death at great expense to the taxpayers of Connecticut JUST BECAUSE I DIDN’T BUCKLE MY DAMNED SEATBELT! Does that make sense, Officer?

Seatbelt laws suck. Helmet laws suck. Democrats suck. Republicans suck. For over sixty years the nanny state, run by the ‘Crats and the ‘Cans, has lead us down the very slippery slope toward total fascism. We’re about halfway there by my reckoning.

Time for a change, and who better to lead the charge than motorcyclists? We are risk takers, freedom lovers, and independent-minded. Take a mind-expanding minute to read the Libertarian Party "Statement of Principles" at and start thinking about what freedom really means.
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