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Helmets are law again in Louisiana

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Well, maybe here is a good one to start with. Because Illinois does not have a helmet law states can be gathered on deaths with helmets and death without helmets.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look at the motorcycle death stats (three links at the top of the page will give you numbers for 2000, 2001, and 2002):

Illinois helmet and non helmet motorcycle deaths 2000-2002

I don't know what happened in 2002 but riders seemed to learn something. An anomaly maybe? Kind of strange.

I for one can tell you I am in the overwhelming minority in this state wearing a helmet. I'm not even going to get in to the number of people I see riding in flip-flops. I just think about my little piggys getting caught in the spokes, having 500 lbs of motorcycle fall and slide on them, or slipping off the peg and grinding on the asphalt and I literally cringe.
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Screw 'em!

I live in a state where you have to wear a helmet on a damned bicycle!

This is what happens when women gain real power people! They use the government to outlaw unpleasantness.

A little girl gets hit by a car, and now we all have to wear helmets. never mind that the helmet wouldn't have saved the girl, or even lessened the damage.

But it makes them feel better. They did something! They saved someone!

We can't smoke, we can't ride a bicycle without a helmet, and we can't have more than 3 gallons of water in our toilets.

Welcome to Liberal Hell. Ain't it funny how the folks who call themselves Liberals are the ones who want to outlaw everything?
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Re: Screw 'em!

excellent... whatever you do, don't address the point.

consider the fact that I'm a stay at home dad, and my wife is an anesthesiologist before you rant about me being a sexist.
Re: Screw 'em!

Oh.. I've got no love for Bush...

This country no longer has a two-party system. It's has a single bi-factional ruling party.
A viw from the O.R.

My wife is an anesthesiologist. She works on trauma victims every day. You'd think that would make her pro-helmet law right?


It's better that these people should die of massive head trauma. All the idiotic little brainbuckets do is postpone the inevitable death. Instead of DOA, we get to pay for 2 months of treatment in the ICU, when these morons are going to die anyway.

You like that little skull cap? Listen up, you're better off without it.

I would never support a helmet law. It's not my job to use the state to save adults from their own stupidity.

Its your bike, it's your head, its your life. You should make the decision. Just don't cry to me about the tragedy of it, because I'll only laugh at you.
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He's responsible? How is he responsible?

Jeezus Burns you're smarter than this. Think! Don't Feel! Think!

Over 40,000 people die every year in auto accidents. We could save all those people if we made a mandatory 10mph speed limit.

Why don't we?

By your logic, since we didn't pass that limit, we are in fact responsible.

Its not the government's job to save people from themselves. It's this kind of thinking that led to banning booze man! Is that the kinda society you want? No smoking.. No drinking.. No fatty foods... No guns... No un-protected sex... No self-serve gas stations...

sorry... before I live in a place like that... I'll slit my wrists, strap on dynamite, and drive into an embassy somewhere.

I'll be sure to wear my seatbelt though.
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So we should outlaw everything that's dangerous?

Kill me now.
It doesn't matter if it's dangerous or not!

I don't care if it's safer to ride with a helmet. I always ride with one.

I want to know who decided it was the government's job to outlaw everything that was dangerous. I want to know... so I can go wring his fool neck.

There are some places that the government has no business being.
Re: A viw from the O.R.

remember JohnBoy, the same "thinking" that produces helmet laws is producing the smoking bans that you hate.

Careful of that slippery slope.
Re: It doesn't matter if it's dangerous or not!

Got news for ya Johnboy, that FDA ya seem to like is the root cause of the health care problems we face today.

there are two ways the FDA can kill people:

1) by approving a bad drug

2) by not approving a good drug

Option one is very easy to detect. Someone takes a drug and it kills them... folks notice.

Option two is not. The whole better safe than sorry.

So we have companies spending well over 200 million dollars to get drugs approved.

You know why drugs cost less in canada? economics. It's cheaper to get them approved there.
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Liberal ideology

By the way... it's been working great for ya. I mean... you guys have some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country... but LA ain't exactly known for it's low crime right huh?

And how about those rollin' blackouts? Did ya like those too?

This is what happens when you look to the government to solve your problems Johnboy. Invariably, the government makes them worse.
I'm not encouraging anything. In every post I have made some comment about idiots not wearing helmets, or wearing those little skull caps.

Everyone should wear a fullface helmet at all times. In fact, everyone should gear up from head to toe at all times.

Isn't odd to find someone who has an opinion, but doesn't think you should make his opinion law.
Re: Liberal ideology

What good things are those?
Re: It doesn't matter if it's dangerous or not!

"You'd probably find it more the case that approval costs around the world are lower than here because others let the FDA do the hard work and quickly accept, without any meaningful oversight of their own, what the FDA approves."

I'll be the last to argue supply and demand. My point is that prices are artificially raised beyond what demand calls for, by taxation. Taxation in this case, in the form of unnecessarily stingent FDA guidlines.

Consider that there is no way the FDA would approve aspirin where it to be discovered today. That's a fact. Aspirin does not meet the FDA guidelines.
Re: Why don't you just bend over and spread 'em for the authorities?

Holy Crap... that's twice now you and I've agreed. You be careful... we've got a reputation to uphold!
Re: There you go again

Better to be a has been than a never-was.
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