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Helmets for extra long oval headed aliens?

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Can't help you there. But let us know when you decide to have the fire sale on helmets only worn once.
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If you had a frontal lobotomy, they could also probably surgically flatten your forehead. That might be the cheapest way to go, since you could use all those new helmets sitting around your house then. Plus you probably wouldn't even notice that the helmet didn't fit.

I also have your problem shaped head and never really found a perfect fit helmet, but do OK with a Shoei RFR, which they unfortunately don't make anymore. The newer Shoei's don't fit as well but I bought 2 at the time so one is in the closet waiting to go.

Suggest you do what I did, which is go to every shop in town to try on helmets and when you find an acceptable (not perfect one), buy 2 or 3. One good thing is that they tend to conform at least a little to your head after a year or so of use, so if you find anything acceptable, it will get better with time.

Note: I still have a red spot on my forehead after riding all day that lasts for several hours. Just life.
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I solved my problem by modifying the styrofoam lining. Put on the best fitting helmet you have and determine where the pressure point is. Take the helmet off and file, sand and cut away the styrofoam until you get clearance. A Dremel type tool makes this job really fast. Use sand paper on your final finish to smooth all the little beads down. The last and most important step is to buy a piece of medium cell foam rubber @ 1/2" thick and cut a piece to fit in the crown on top of the sponge already there. This lifts the helmet up off your forehead and spreads the weight over a larger area. Remember to go slow on removing the styro. Try the helmet on numerous times to check fit. When it feels almost right put in the foam rubber.
Just wondering if you have tried many helmets of the same make. I ask because a Nolan N100 helmet fits me ok but with a hint of frontal pressure after about 200 miles. My HJC dirt dike helmet is all day comfortable and

I'm talkin' a 9 to 5 day. There would seem to be some variation in models across manufacturers' lines. Good luck and go slap your parents.
I really don't have a dirt dike. Sorry ladies! Make that a dirt bike.
You could just put machinist dye on your forehead to find the high spots then take a belt sander and buff down the high spots.

It'd save getting a labotomy
Try a shoei RF-1000. I don't believe this whole oval-round head thing, because I've got a big, oval melon and the shoei is the most comfortable lid I've ever worn.
I've also a long oval head; though maybe not alien-long!

The Arai Signet GT/GTR for European/American markets is best - by far. If necessary custom fit the inner i.e. thumb press the inner polystyrene.


Prior to any surgical procedures, you might to check out one of the new HJC CL-14 helmets.

I just bought one and it is one of the best fitting helmets I have ever worn.

I also wear glasses and this is the easiest helmet I have ever had when it comes to putting on a pair of eyeglasses.

And yes, mine is a xxxl size.

Just call me "Buckethead"
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I have what in cowboy hat parlance is a long oval head. I wear a SHOEI RF-800 size-XL. I had the same problem as you in that most helmets put too much pressure on my forehead. The SHOEI does not. However after 5 years and about 30,000 miles the padding is starting to compress. Maybe time for a new helmet.
I totally agree. I tried helmets from all the manufacturers and the only one for long ovals is the Arai Signet GT. I ended up with a XXXL and used a Dremel to shave out some of the forehead.
of all these responses, surgery seems the most reasonable. maybe health insurance will pay.
I concur on the HJC CL-14. I have an oval head, as does my wife. The XXL fit me great, and the XS fit her great. It's tough finding oval helmets, if you don't wanna buy Arai. Interestingly enough, the models one up (AC-11) and one down(CS-12) don't fit oval heads.
I second the Arai Signet series. They are a totally different shape than the other models. I have a massively oval head and the signet fits while my bro's Quantum will squish my brains out my ears.
Used to have an RF-800 until this year. When shopping I thought I'd just get the RF-1000. No dice, they've changed the shape from the RF-800, I tried some on and got severe pinch in the forhead/back of the head.

I did some research and it looks like some reviews have pointed this change out. I also found that the X-11 is using the same oval shape as the RF-800.

I ended up getting the X-11, great helment, fits perfect, fantastic airflow. $$$$ though.

See above about the RF1000. I had a Signet and it was decent, but still left a welt on my forehead after an hour or so. Go Shoei!
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