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HELP! Buying a used F650 Gs....

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Ok everyone...I need help on choosing a good bike. I'm a new rider and was looking at used F650 GS's and here are my choices. I really want a black one but am trying to decide whether I should just get whatever color based on the machine and durability. What kind of questions should I be asking the sellers?

A 1997 F650 GS with 31,000 miles for $2,900 BLACK
A 1999 F650 Funduro with 35,000 miles for $3,500 blue :(
A 2003 F650 GS with 58,000 miles for $4,000 BLACK

I was only looking at spending about $3k since its my first bike but any input will help! Thanks!

The pictures uploaded are the 03' black one and the 99 blue one.


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Gs is ok bat Funduro is better.


before you bye any moto, search and a choose the garage and the craftsman for the service s.

Find someone, with knowledge, and for your reasons you can trust him.

talk with him, about your expectetions. and let him help you choose a good health motorcycle, for your rides
Basic Checklist


Pads: Inspect pads for glazing. When were they changed last?

Hoses: Inspect hoses for crimps, cracks or other signs of defects.

Fluid: Ask when it was last changed.

Rotor: The bike will vibrate during the driving test if the rotor(s) are warped.

Levers: Are the levers stock or aftermarket? Aftermarket levers may indicate a


Chain and Sprockets

Chain: Check chain adjustment for stretch. Is the chain properly oiled?

Sprockets: Inspect the teeth on the rear sprocket. Are they bent, broken or off



Lights: Check that all lights are equally bright.

Headlight: Check hi / low settings. Does the headlight get brighter as the bike’s

raced? This is a sign of a bad voltage regulator or weak battery.

Switchgears: Inspect for damage and check controls.


- Oil: Is the engine oil dark or gritty? (The engine is a key diagnostic tool to

determine how the engine has been run.)

- Valves: Rev the engine and listen for valve clutter. When were they adjusted?

Alternatively check engine compression, if you have a tester.

- Coolant: Check coolant, if applicable, and ask when it was changed last.


- Color: Blue exhaust smoke is often a sign of bad valves or a failed gasket.

- Discoloration: If the pipes are discolored the bike is probably improperly


- Noise: Check for holes in the exhaust or incorrectly mounted systems.

- Backpressure: Put your hands over both exhaust openings. Do they have the

same amount of pressure? If not one cylinder bank isn’t firing or has valve damage.

Gas Tank

- Rust: Rust in the tank means rust in the carburetors and could spell a rebuild.


- Forks: Do the seals look tight? When were they changed?

o Air caps: If the bike has air caps, check the pressure in the forks.

- Shock: Does the shock have rebound? Does it “creak” when pushed?


- Tires: If the tires are only worn in the center, the bike has likely been driven on

the highway; if they are worn all the way to the edges it has been ridden in the corners. If it is only worn on the edges it has been raced.

- Bearings: Put the bike on the center stand and feel for damaged to the bearings.
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Ken (Sorry!) Morbo,

I wish there was a way to make a 'sticky' of that post! I don't agree with a couple points, but it is a nice collection of items.

I feel a 'Huzzah!' coming on...
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