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Help for Ducatisti

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Horray! Now I can get those matching "DESMO" salt and pepper shakers... they should go well with the Harley Davidson dinner plates. Enough with this mass-marketing bull. Focus on the bikes. I guess they've got to do something to get Ducati's stock back up to the IPO price.
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Merry Christmas,

I think if you wanted us to buy you something from the Duc web site you should of at least given us your name, email address. I was all set but the moment passed.

If only they could/would build the bikes they sold on the Internet!
Uh.... did you notice that he said "i love my bike i would not ride anything else." and THEN he said "that bike is incredible my buddy has one and to be honest if they had more availability i would get one" in reference to the MV Agusta? Which is it dude? Make up your mind. Not that I've EVER looked at another bike and thought "I have GOT to get me one of those" or anything... Uh uh, nope, not me....
Re: Stuff

You must have purchased in Santa Cruz, eh?
Re:Man is this site ever so boring now or what ya all

Now see here dude, my co-worker is married to an avid Ducatisti (900SS SP) and bought the super bike 2001 game for him (my suggestion) and needed to get the Duc handlebars. Called Ducati NA and they said they weren't expecting any anytime soon. Lo and behold, MO puts an article up about the online e store and there they are ready for sale. She promptly ordered and they will be here next week. My point? While you may think this is useless, it helped a newlywed cement her marriage. Damn, I wish my wife was as thoughtful. So there.
Re: Support you Dealer

My understanding is that the MHR will be shipped to the dealer selected by the buyer. The dealer gets the usual setup fee (probably not enough, granted), and no doubt can get a little free advertizing if he persuades the customer to let the MHR sit in the showroom a few days before it's ridden away. And the dealer is spared paperwork and flooring costs.

Does anyone know how Kawasaki's Internet endeavor is working out? The way it was presented, you ordered direct from Kawasaki but picked you items up at a dealer. So the dealer got at least a little markup, and didn't have to go through the hassle of ordering and stocking.

But, I agree with the idea of supporting the dealer. At that, the internet is no worse than things that go on already. Most flagrant example, and something I personally HATE to see, is folks who try on helmets at a dealer, then order the one that fits, for 10% less, from a mail order house. People who do that s*** should have some broken glass stuck in their "bargain" helmet liners, as far as I'm concerned.
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Stopped being innovative? I'd say that the piled up world titles speak volumes for the company's method of innovation. That this method doesn't include sixty completely new models each year doesn't mean that things aren't being changed and/or fine tuned.

Is the 996 long in the tooth? From a product cycle standpoint, yes. From a functional standpoint though? Not a chance.

Terblanche has a helluva of a task ahead of him: A follow up to the 916. So far it at least appears that he has a helluva of a new motor to work with...

Best regards,
Archie R.
Houston, TX
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